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Re: Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advance on the Wii U Virtual Console


Yeah, Nintendo are right.
I can see all of the potential customers now, standing outside of the Game shop and thinking 'I have to get a Wii U! Only Nintendo could take a 10 year old portable gaming device and make it so that those transportable games are only available in my home for £5 a pop!'
Seriously, shafting a fairly successful gaming handheld for its unsuccessful home console counterpart when tablets and mobile phones are already gaining market share for portable games is a new level of silly.

Re: Hardware Classics: Bandai WonderSwan


Absolutely love my WonderSwan. Managed to get the Final Fantasy limited edition white model mint condition in box for a very good price a while back.
I have the One Piece game mentioned in the article for it along with some others too.

The handheld is definitely worth a pick up if you like collecting more odd gaming hardware.

Re: Soapbox: The Wii U Virtual Console Needs to Freshen Up


"There's an argument that we shouldn't even have to buy games more than once, but simply redownload and transfer from one to another. The lack of a coherent account system stops that from happening, as we can't simply login, download SMW on our Wii U and see it automatically disabled on the Wii, and vice-versa."

It's been said before and it'll be said again and again until Nintendo get it right; the lack of an account system like that of Sony and Microsoft is utterly stupid.
I love Nintendo and always have but it's true.

Sony have got it right. I can buy a Playstation one game on my PSP and also play it on my PS3 if it's connected to the same account. The same goes for the Vita which can also play a lot of PSP games too.
I adore my 3DS and the system occupies most of my time I spend gaming nowadays. I've had just about every Nintendo handheld and, like every other Nintendo handheld I've had before it, it has a pocket reserved for it in my bag and it is with me everywhere.
That being said, if it was to break and there was no way to retrieve my games I wouldn't buy another. I've piled hundreds of pounds into that little device and would be willing to buy another if it broke and there was a way to redownload my games, but there isn't.

Also, why're we still expected to get excited about NES games coming out for 3DS in the first place!? Does nobody else find it ridiculous that we've had a portable SNES (the GBA two handheld generations ago) and we still can't buy SNES games on the 3DS eShop. While I'm whining, could we not get some GBA games? Would it be to much to ask for some classic N64 games? We know the system is more than capable of it.
I understand that it's probably to try and shift more Wii U units as it's a unique selling point of the console but... it still seems a bit daft to me.

Anyway... Rant over.

Re: Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "Could Be On The Path To Irrelevance"


Fanboys galore in the comments.

While ironic that somebody who ran Atari has something to say about irrelevance, it should be remembered that Atari WAS successful, so his insight is still valid.
He also has a point. Nintendo's Wii U is in an unfortunate position, people are confused by the Nintendo range (the 2DS isn't making Nintendo's life any easier either) and the handheld market is being hit heavy by smartphones and tablets that are able to run comparable (sometimes better) games.

He doesn't seem to be basing his opinions on any fact though. He says 'I think' way too much.

Re: Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges


@MarioIdent I don't know if Nintendo could block a system for using a flashcart. It's not like a custom firmware version that is recognised by the console. It's just a cartridge like the games you slot in.
I think the most they can do is stop the cart from working with a firmware update, but the cartridge manufacturer can work around that with a bit of time. This may mean a lot more system updates for our 3DS.

But hey, I may well be wrong. It's been known to happen. ;D

Re: Evidence of a Functional 3DS Flashcard Emerges


@Bryon15 Games are expensive, true. But by using a flashcart to play games you're not helping to give the developer the incentive to make more games for a Nintendo console or to make more games at all. Furthermore, you'll likely sacrifice usage of the eShop and other free Nintendo online services to play a free game. That also means no DLC or updates to the games you download.
There's also the risk factor of bricking your expensive console.

Re: Poll: Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Reveals?


I don't get why anybody would NOT watch a reveal of a non-Nintendo console.
I was always under the impression that gamers, like you and I, are playing games for the experiences and not for petty allegiances to certain companies or consoles.
Fanboyism is nothing but silly people trying to justify their purchases to other people and to themselves.

Re: Nintendo Issues Statement on Wii U Hacking Attempt


Sick of people claiming that hackers are "filthy", "pirates" and other childish insults.
I do not agree with hacking a system to play pirated games of a current generation. In this case, hacking the system to play older Wii games still seems daft as you can pick up the games so cheaply.
However, the general feeling I get from gaming forums seems to indicate that hacking your system = you being a software pirate, and this is not always the case.

TL;DR hacking =/= thief