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Sat 15th Jan 2011

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Mrleelongi commented on The Sims 3:

DON'T BUY THIS GAME! EA gave total crap to the Wii version and advertised it to have Wi-Fi capabilities but instead they gave a game that is worth $#!t. They turn around and say oh let's put DLC feature on the 3DS version and give it Wi-fi. EA also dissed Nintendo for not giving much support to 3rd party companies. EA can just ................ off and screw other things up, just don't mess with Nintendo.



Mrleelongi commented on Nintendo's 3DS Events - We Want Your Questions!:

I'm not gonna freak out about the whole battery issue because I was expecting it to have a bad battery life when it came to 3D. But still the question about a possible better battery coming out and it being swappable with the current one is a need to know.
Main Question: How will the transfering of the DSiware shop account work? Will I only need to enter my Club Nintendo account info onto the 3DS and can download my previous titles or will I need to have the DSi nearby or can I transfer the games via SD card?

2. What about the next Professor Layton game for DS? Can we expect that it to be released sometime soon? Oh and will the awsome cool Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright title come to the US?

3.Will there be a nice warranty on the system, like at least a one year warranty and not just 90 days or 180 days if registered?

4. What is being done about that Chinese dude that stole the 3DS off the production line and then leaked video onto Youtube? Is he going to be offered a super spy job? LOL JK!

The real question 4: Can we expect gameboy advance games to appear on the virtual console shop and if so can we expect to see the old Pokemon games, from Red and Blue to Ruby and Emerald, on there?

5.Will we see an overhauled version of Flipnote Studios for the 3DS in which we can make 3D flipnotes?

6. Graphic wise is this just as powerful as the 360 and PS3?

7. Will we see a change in company policies for games? In other words can we expect that a 3D Grand Theft Auto will be allowed to be made for the 3DS?

8. Any expamles of unlockable content that Game Coins will unlock?

9. Any chances of the US getting self-repairing screen protectors?

10. When can we expect OOT to be released if it's not a launch title?