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Sat 22nd February, 2014

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mrchills commented on Take Pleasure In The Stupidity Of Your Friends...:

I love brain games. So I certainly was intrigued when I read this. it looked sort of dopey. If you are marketing an intelligence game, chances are that demographic wont care too much about "funny noises and cute characters". By all means a vigorous brain exercise can come in any shape or form. I can go wrong with four bucks, less than a of smokes. But when I read its only 20 questions, assuming those pictures are some of the questions, then three of the 20 can be done by my cat. Thanks for the heads up, dude. Keep on truckin'



mrchills commented on Nintendo 64 Titles Heading to the Wii U Virtua...:

I really wouldn't hold your breath for any vc games from consoles better than super Nintendo. Playing those old games was the best part of my wii. When I first heard mentions of the wii u, talk of the wii u vc included n64 AND gamecube games. I was so excited! Im confident that whatever technical limitations have prohibited Nintendo from putting up n64 games on wii u vc for the last few years hasn't changed. There's a reason why Link to the Past is the most high tech game on wii u vc.



mrchills commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are Confirmed for April:

ive never done anything with these "coins", but Mario Golf 64 could be one of my favorite games ever. I have it on my wii, but of course I can't play it on my wii u. If I get this, could I play it on my wii u? That's been my dream. Someone please answer me.



mrchills commented on Review: Advance Wars (Wii U eShop):

Look like a fun game. but its just such a bummer that the wii u vc suffered a platform downgrade from the wii. Gamecube would've been awesome, but in the least there should be n64! Has that ever happened in the history of gaming, that a more recent platform has less gaming platform potential than the previous console? Good grief. Ive always been just Nintendo. Never had a playstation or xbox. I feel betrayed. As if the wii u controller snuck into my kitchen while I was asleep and ate my pudding.



mrchills commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

I enjoy playing on the gamepad. But if the gamepad is the reason why there are no N64 games (or gamecube) on the wii u, which was one of the reasons I got the wii u, I would gladly play those games not on my gamepad.



mrchills commented on Images Emerge of Wii U Mario vs. Donkey Kong T...:

one of the reasons I bought the wii u, was that I read mentions of gamecube games coming to the vc. I guess that turned out to be false. Not even N64 games though, that were available on the wii?! what a huge disappointment.



mrchills commented on Expect Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty To Cost Around ...:

after reading this checked it out on youtube. Yes, the graphics are amazing. But the game seems to be just a platform. Am I missing something? 30 bucks for a wiiuware platform game? kind of steep. the guy said the game cost 5 million to make. that isn't a good justification for me.



mrchills commented on Percy's Predicament:

I actually like this game a lot. YES!!! As the reviewer extrapolates, the controls are sensitive. But that's the whole point of the game, guiding this ball around an obstacle course. Would the reviewer prefer if it was easier? Not many wiiu ware games out that I like. This is one though. Gets sort of tough and some of the puzzles require you to do stunts only possible after many attempts. Frustrating and challenging only makes it more satisfying whne you beat the level.