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Blog writer for games and geek culture. I spend my days as a designer, but in my free time I live the otaku life; playing games and watching anime. At night, I'm a swordsmaster who saves the world from my dreams.

Mon 25th Feb 2013

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Mr_Eyes commented on Feature: How Mario Kart Brought Two Soul Mates...:

Beautiful! It's amazing to see how people can bond over a game like Mario Kart. It's very important to have a partner with the same passion as you. My wife and I started talking, because we both are big Zelda fans that used to live an ocean apart from each other. Thanks for sharing this touching story!



Mr_Eyes commented on Nintendo Confirms Yearly Net Profits, But High...:

The purest way to have gaming fun is playing Nintendo. They seem to be the only manufacturer that has gaming as the focus. Not a multimedia device, no, it's a gaming device.
Nintendo's consoles are build around games and game ideas, not the other way around.
Nintendo hasn't released many sequels to their games, even if there are more than a 100 mario games. They make a new game mechanic and apply a character to it that fits.
There will always be people who don't like everything Nintendo makes. Often you will hear "Nintendo is only for kids" or "motion gaming is lame" and more. But those are opinions, not facts. Even the toughest hater has difficulties holding back a smile while playing one of Nintendo's finest games. It doesn't try to be cool, it tries to be fun and succees at that.
Nintendo has created and will continue to create some of the finest games that stand the test of time (so stop the graphic-discussion, please). Their hardware has only one goal: Play those great games. Most people play for fun and Nintendo can give them that like no other. When more of those first party titles hit the stores, more consoles will be sold. The install base grows and more third party developers have a chance of making a profit.
If there's one party who can survive the rise of mobile gaming. it's Nintendo. There are experiences you can only have on a Nintendo device. This is tougher to say for any mobile phone or OS, or Playstation or Xbox. Thanks to the combination of unique software on unique hardware.
I may sound like a total fanboy and maybe I am, but no matter what system I play and have lots of fun with; there's this satisfaction I get from playing a Nintendo classic.
There will always be a need for Nintendo games, for thousands of gamers.
The Wii U might sell slow now, and maybe even its whole lifecycle. But never count out Nintendo!



Mr_Eyes commented on Talking Point: The Positive Power of Gaming:

'Games' is such a wide topic, from ultra-voilent to very educational.
But so is life.
It all depends on the person playing the game.
I think it's wise to guide children into gaming and be very careful with what you expose them to. But besides that, there's no proof violent games make us violent. Agressive at a max, but violent? No.
I think real warfare can make someone violent.