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Tue 24th Jun 2008

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MrXevious commented on Super Mario RPG Released in Japan Today:

It's times like this I wish I knew what the heck NoA was thinking as far as the release sched. for VC games is concerned. :
Ah, well... All my Wii Points belong to SMRPG and EarthBound... whenever they come... IF they come.



MrXevious commented on Secret of Evermore - Brian Fehdrau Interview:

Terranigma and Tales of Phantasia weren't made by Square... they were Enix and Namco games, respectively. I highly doubt either of the two would make it to VC. If anything, Terranigma would make it to the EU VC because that's where it showed up initially. Phantasia, sadly, wouldn't get a release period -- the game's PSX version is legendary in Japan and it's also been ported to PSP (again, Japan-only) and GBA. The GBA version was released worldwide, I think... which is a shame because that version of the game was piss poor.