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Wed 17th July, 2013

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MrPockets commented on Review: Sonic Lost World (3DS):

I think a lot of the Sonic games don't get good reviews unless they do something really different. And when they do do something different, they get bad reviews. Well, I'm still going to get this anyways.



MrPockets commented on Feature: Nintendo Life Book Club - Mega Man II:

@Cinaclov I was half-joking when I was talking about her feelings. This is book is just so laughable!

Also, I just googled her too. As it turns out I have one of her books lying around in my house from many years ago.... :l I knew I didn't like that book for some reason.



MrPockets commented on GameStop Sales and Profits Take a Hit Ahead of...:

I'm still sad about their "vintage" games. Seriously, if I want to play through the Metroid Prime games with new Wii controls, I shouldn't have to pay $55 more than buying the games individually would cost. I hope they'll lower the vintage game prices when they realize nobody's buying them.



MrPockets commented on Family Kart 3D:

Sounds like Shovelware Game of the Year. But maybe it won't be.
Edit: I change my mind. After looking up some stuff about this game, it looks pretty cool, and I don't mind the anime art style myself.



MrPockets commented on Review: My Farm 3D (3DS eShop):

This looks like something I used to play on my Mom's cell phone, but with a much scarier art style! :o Seriously, is anybody else bothered by those animals' appearances?