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I'm a Nintendo Ambassador!

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I'm a Nintendo Ambassador!

Wed 9th May 2012

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MrPanda commented on Video: We Want Your Super Mario Maker Levels f...:

Here are my levels! Please try my levels! I feel that these levels could be in a Mario game in that each stage relies on a central mechanic that ramps up in difficulty as the level goes on. It is not unfair nor is it filled to the brim with enemies. They can be challenging though! Good luck!

Here are a few of my favorites!

King Wiggler's Fort: 11AC-0000-001A-3B21
Description: Wigglers on rails!

Kuribo's Puzzling Shoeship: 4355-0000-006A-980B
Description: Puzzle rooms utilizing different mechanics of Kuribo's Shoes!

Bowser's Tetris: A2DC-0000-0095-0994
Description: A mini-crossover between Mario and Tetris!




MrPanda commented on Bowser's Tetris:

Thanks Hanakane! Means a lot! I will definitely check out your levels tomorrow after I get home from work!