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Fri 20th Jun 2014

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MrMeaCulpa commented on Devil's Third Developer Discusses Its Unique A...:

I think this will be a sneaky-good hardcore action game for the platform. Always been a fan of Itagaki's approach to gameplay and responsive, challenging action mechanics. To all who are complaining about graphics - it's using the Darksiders 2 engine, it's not done yet, and rendering realistic graphics is always tougher than the bright pastels of the Mushroom Kingdom. It looks suitably good all factors considered.



MrMeaCulpa commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Successfully Wooed Som...:

As someone who is lucky enough to own all platforms I've got to say that Nintendo won because for me, the criteria is simple: you buy consoles to play exclusive games and you play PC for graphics and performance. The Wii U is far and away the current-gen console with the most exclusives, and that's right now before all the E3-announced games even release! I laugh at the ongoing "resolution war" between PS4 and Xbox One people, and mind you I own both, because the simple truth is that they are both inferior to a good gaming PC. I also laugh at people who think they are experts at game development and programming because they listen to 1-2 angry guys on Youtube. Optimization has just as much to do with performance and graphical polish as raw power and specs. Name me a single PS4 or Xbox One game that is as visually striking and polished as the 1-2 punch of 3D World and Kart 8. You can only achieve a certain level of quality by developing for a single platform, regardless of raw specs, and the fact is that Nintendo still has the most talented game makers in the industry by far.