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Re: Feel the G-Force With New FAST - Racing League Screenshots


Looks really great for a WiiWare game. Hopefully it has a decent selection and quality of tracks.

Wii has been sorely lacking F Zero games, one of the Nintendo trademarks that is less well known (though still popular, just not to the level of demand of Mario, Zelda, Metroid or any of the 'compilation' games - eg Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros etc).

F Zero GX was one of the best looking games on Gamecube.

Re: Features: Nintendo Life's Game of the Year 2010 Awards


People often ask why choose Nintendo over Microsoft or Sony, but since I'm not a massive fan of FPS (Metroid Prime is more an FPS adventure though, and amazing) but some of the best gaming moments I've had are from platformers. Nintendo really lead the way in both 2D and 3D platformers, and this year has been exceptional, where even the less great platformers like Epic Mickey are still great platformers.

Re: Interviews: Curve Studios - Fluidity / Hydroventure


Gaijin Games, Frontier, 2D Boy and now Curve Studios - the 4 reasons why WiiWare has been fundamental to gaming for me this generation. Tiny gems which would not have found traction if forced to make full size disc games due to budget, or game size, but ideas which definitely deserved to be released and have success.

I was sold on Hydroventure from the very first trailers, so took the risk and got this without even trying the demo. Amazingly polished and great looking game. I bought it on midnight of 24th as soon as I found out it was up on WiiWare. Only on chapter 1 still, but great so far and I look forward to the later levels.

Re: Zoonami: Nintendo Not Generating Enough Interest in Downloads


My main problem is that they won't let Debit Card users register for points so I have to go get Points Cards from a shop which is more expensive and more hassle. Many WiiWare games are spur of the moment buys as I've more than enough disc based games. LostWind and Bit Trip sort of games will get buys because they are short and really focused so I get a lot of quality for short amount of gaming time needed.

Re: Nintendo Download: 18th June (Europe)


Nicely timed for Wimbledon, and with Wimbledon being really interesting this year already, it's well timed and I'm tempted to drop points on this as I never picked up a Mario Tennis game before. Still surprised Nintendo hasn't a Mario Tennis game announced as perfect console to get one. Same for Golf.