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Mon 13th Sep 2010

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Motorbass commented on Review: Zuma's Revenge (DSiWare):

KeeperBvK is right; ZUMA is the clone. Actionloop is a remake of a game from Mitchell itself. Puzzloop came out 1998 in the arcades and Zuma is a clone (like many of Popcap games' some time ago).



Motorbass commented on Cut the Rope:

Am I the only one who bought it? I have 16 levels left in the 5th box. It was great fun, but it needs even more levels. In the e-manual it says "initially 5 Levels". Does anyone know what that means? Will there be more? There is no space in the level select that says "new levels soon" or something like that. So I don't know....



Motorbass commented on Review: Gargoyle's Quest (3DS Virtual Console ...:

Dizzard: You can play through it in an afternoon easily. But everyone NEEDS to play it. It really is one of the best GB games. The music alone is worth the price. And the perfect controls should be an example for all developers.



Motorbass commented on Review: Music On: Acoustic Guitar (DSiWare):

Well it is a much better guitar simulator than Jam Sessions (which has similar controls but only a few chords and no automatic accompaniment).

It is only 200 points. That is not bad for a lil toy guitar in your pocket. (I don't think "buy a real guitar"- comments are helpful in this case)