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MotorTCD commented on These Screens Show What NES Games Would Be Lik...:

@KeeperBvK just like i ignored fi in skyward sword.
the fact is that 1.those games give you NO HINT to where the hidden item is.
blantly pointing something out is bad but expecting you to find something with absolutely no help? worse.
also cave story was free when it first came out yet people pay for it.



MotorTCD commented on New Sonic Fan Film Receives Mixed Reception, B...:

Sonic fans complain about the color of sonic's eyes so they have far too high of standards.
Hell i thought the only truly bad sonics were sonic 06 the wii games,and unleashed the rest were decent. with sonic 3 and sonic adventure 2 being my favorites.



MotorTCD commented on Feature: 10 Essential Games For Your New 3DS:

Here's my list.
Tale of the abyss
Zelda oot 3d
Nsmb 2
The denpa men,They came by wave
Cave story(the eshop one,not cave story 3d)

I really wish people would stop recommending pmss,it's not a bad game persay but imo it's overated.