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Tue 3rd November, 2009

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Morpheel commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

Firstly, @TwilightAngel, what jaxonh says is mostly true. Maybe it's not your intention, but please stop with the harassing.

And @JaxonH, this has happened before, you seem to fall pretty easily into discussion and name calling yourself. It's OK to be passionate about things, but sometimes not feeding the fire is the easier way to put it down.



Morpheel commented on Review: I Love my Cats (3DS eShop):

I tried the demo of the dogs one. Couldn't even figure how to get more food.

Walking the cats with laser pointers sounds awesome though, so props to them.



Morpheel commented on McDonald's Happy Meal Boomerang Mario In UK Ta...:

Seems a bit too silly. I imagine the mario does a swing with his arm to throw the boomerang and that's the problem. It doesn't look like anyone normal would see anything else with it, since the hand is very far from "that" area of the body.

I even had the infamous Tarzan doll as a kid, never noticed a thing as a kid.



Morpheel commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

@Chaoz Please, refrain from talking about hacking and homebrew in the forums. Supporting it is OK and all, but discussing it is agaisnt the rules of the community.

As for the current discussion, please be respectful. Swearing and name calling will not be tolerated.



Morpheel commented on If Nintendo Did Decide To Make A Smartphone, W...:

When I saw it yesterday, I thought it was a rather silly desing.

Why bother having memory expansions if you need to get rid of the camera for them.

It also looks retro-dirty. Not sure that would catch on in a modern market.



Morpheel commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Update Tackles t...:

For the people asking, most events in the game happen in the morning, including the event where your happy dog gives you a gift.

Sometimes, the dog would override other more important events with its daily gifts.

That means you had to not give him food for a few days so that he wouldn't give you a gift and the other event could happen.