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Tue 3rd November, 2009

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Morpheel commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley For 3DS Launches...:

As far as I remember, every harvest moon game to date has used disproportionally huge heads in their character sprites and models. Maybe not as big as this one, but even story of seasons uses them. :P

Anyway, the game is perfectly good and enjoyable, it's just not as good as the older harvest moons- and to be fair, that's true for all recent games in the series.

I like this one, so I have high hopes for Natsume's next entry in the series. Hopefully, they'll see what they did wrong (seriously, you can't upgrade your weapons or push animals yourself) and prevent those same mistakes.



Morpheel commented on Fullblox Is Available To Download On The Europ...:

@Inkling that's pretty much what it is already. Except you can instead buy just some parts of the game separately directly from the demo.

I think it's pretty convenient. Also probably means more people will try it.

The full game costs 10 dollars if you buy it all at once, which is a regular price for the series.



Morpheel commented on Review: Word Search by POWGI (3DS eShop):

Hm I should've probably posted about Puzzler World XL in this one instead of the wiiu one since it's a dsi ware.

Anyway, yeah, half the price three times as much content. Get that one of you want word search.



Morpheel commented on Rumour: More Super Smash Bros. Code Digging Po...:

@BaffleBlend unlike when the game was being made and the concept of "slots" was pretty dumb, these are real literal empty slots the developers have added to the game in preparation for future characters and stages.

Yeah, they can add more in the future, but right now they added those, so it's safe to assume they plan to use that amount.



Morpheel commented on Review: Shanghai Mahjong (3DS eShop):

3D Mahjong/Best of Mahjong (different versions of the same game) and 3D Majongg (completely unrelated to 3D Mahjong) are probably still the best options on the eshop.



Morpheel commented on Review: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (3DS):

Haha this review took months!

Good review, I love the game (and would score it higher), but it is rather flawed. It's still miles better than A New Beginning, though, which is why I'm positive about things.

@tinglZ: it's not at all like that. Natsume worked with Victor Interactive to create the series and they paid for the rights to sell the games under their own franchise, marvelous then bought victor.

Marvelous is now no longer interested in using Natsume as the middle man, since they can now localize the games themselves.

Meanwhile Natsume apparently got new teams, and decided that they could try making some games for their series themselves.

As Natsume explains it: Harvest Moon, the series, was always owned by Natsume. It just happened to be made up of games they bought off another developer.



Morpheel commented on Video: Allow These Charming Renditions Of Clas...:

There, most of the posts relating to the issue have been deleted.

Please keep in mind, we aren't supposed to just delete every non positive comment we find around. So let's try to ignore them in the future if they're not that bad, ok?



Morpheel commented on Review: Harvest Moon 3 (3DS eShop / Game Boy C...:

@GH05T all three GBC harvest moons are very different, and all have their charms.

1 is simple and limited in a very retro way. It's harvest moon in its purest form. Although you'll probably run out of immediate objectives before the end of the game, because making money is very easy and there's little to do with it. Game link communications were used, but the only content you'll be missing is a golden chicken.

2 is a happy medium, your farm has more distinctive features, there's a village and wilderness and you have more objectives and activities, but it can also be a little harder. Also, the lack of connectivity means some important events and items are impossible to obtain in this version.

3 has many confusing new elements, and depending on your gender the game feels different because of their roles. It's over-all easier anyway, and you have a lot of time to do anything you might need to do in a day. There's a lot of content besides the farming in this one. I'm not sure if any important features needed communication with other players in this one, only that the lack of it means it's impossible to have all the tools in a single file (it was originally possible to trade them around).