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Tue 3rd November, 2009

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Morpheel commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

@Chaotic_Eevee yeah, in a way during this generation they have been demonstrating that they don't really care about their adult fanbase, the ones who grew up with Pokemon. It's a bit sad, since that's probably the section of the fanbase that generates them the most money.

I had never heard of any other gaming company doing something like this to their fans. It's a bit weird.



Morpheel commented on Metroid Prime: Hunters Arrives on Wii U Virtua...:

@Gauchorino nope, the originals would always take you to a preparation screen. Telling you to connect the link and stuff.

These are clearly edited to just block the option entirely.

One in particular, Harvest Moon GBC 2, goes as far as blocking out a whole in-game side quest where you had to use the game link to complete a treasure map. In the VC version you never start the side quest at all, it simply doesn't happen. (Of course, this means an item and a mini game are completely impossible to obtain).



Morpheel commented on Metroid Prime: Hunters Arrives on Wii U Virtua...:

@VR32F1END it's just that before they did not know that those rapidly flashing colors they LOVED to use in the old times could cause seizures. Even in people with no known problems.

Now they know, and they care. So they make their old games safer for the public.



Morpheel commented on Metroid Prime: Hunters Arrives on Wii U Virtua...:

This one will be "interesting" to play on the Wii u.

Thankfully, I have the game card already.

Also, I never ever played the game on multiplayer and still enjoyed the single player campaing a lot.

Edit: wait, I did play it once. It was a horrible hack fest.



Morpheel commented on Save Data Hackers Top Competition Leaderboards...:

I actually doubt those scores are counted. I mean, my original contest score of 30k~ is still in the top 4000, as it has been since the first day. One would think it would have gone up exponentially if so many people were cheating.



Morpheel commented on Video: Pokkén Fun with Masked Pikachu:

@beingvasey for future reference, "Pikachu" is actually a species, not necessarily an individual (like Toad or Yoshi). Same goes for every other kind of pokemon. Even if the anime or games may say otherwise for some of them.



Morpheel commented on Video: Mario & Luigi Become Gods in This Lovel...:

@Artwark oh well don't worry to much, articles are different to forum threads. I'd say the main site has a number of articles that would get closed pretty quickly had they been forum threads created by normal users instead.

About creating threads, its usually advised to keep that as a last option. If you create threads for every idea and thought, people will get annoyed. You've gotten better at it (you now frequent the chit chat thread instead), but if you really think something deserves a thread, go for it.



Morpheel commented on Chieftain Bob Meets Gunman Clive, You Won't Be...:

@NorthLightSuplx By leaving the comments section open with moderation, the people who actually want to talk about the article can do it. Not that there's much to say about it.

If you or anyone else wishes to debate about religion and sexuality, feel free to do so in some other site. I'm sure you'll find one.