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Re: Panic Button Hints That More Nintendo Switch Ports Are In The Pipeline


I think the future of third part support on Switch lies on studios like Panic button. Devs will only be prepared to much in house resources into porting to switch but if they know they can get an outside studio to do the job well for a fee then I think we are going to see a lot more of this. Hopefully a few other studios can step up with porting duties because if want more from the likes of EA, Activision/Blizzard, ID, Bethesda I think this the most likely way we get that.

Re: Sega's Shining Series Returns To The West After A Decade Away, And It's Coming To Switch


Must say even though it's not a Camelot developed game I'm still excited by the prospect of a shining game making its way over here again. If there's no chance of seeing a Camelot developed game perhaps Sega could hand development duties over to Atlus, I think they could do the classic shining style justice.

I'd really like to see a return to the vandal/innovators storyline of STHA and SF3 as I think there was a lot of mileage in that story. Heck I'd even take a a SF3 remaster with all 3 scenarios and the premium disc.

Re: Review: Bayonetta 2 (Switch)


I always find it boring when people complain about games being ports or whatever. It's a decent port, runs just as well if not better than the original releases and isn't overpriced in my view. I got the pair for £38 and I already own the first print edition on Wii U but I like the idea of being able to play them handheld now. If the game isn't for you then don't buy it, what's the big deal?

Re: Feature: The Biggest Nintendo Switch Retail Games of 2018


Really tough choice this one because there are so many I will pick up.

I'd say Metroid 4, Bayonetta 3 and wolfenstein based on the ones I envisage getting the most play time from.

But I will still pick up Labo, Street Fighter, Mario Tennis, TWEWY, Travis, Dark Souls, Fire Emblem

It's going to be a good year

Re: Nintendo's Track Record With Direct Broadcasts Points to Another One Happening Very Soon


While I enjoy these Nintendo Directs and the rapid fire reveals they bring, I think they just pander to this entitled attitude of many of today's gamers, particularly when reading some of the comments on here.

I remember the days when maybe we would hear about a game reveal in a magazine, or we would wait a few weeks to get the coverage of shows like E3 or TGS, how did we cope!

Games will arrive when they arrive no matter whether they are revealed in a direct mini, full direct, live game show, Twitter, magazine etc.

I don't see why there has to be this unending demand for Nintendo to release information just to placate the 'fans'. I'm quite happy to wait for Nintendo to reveal what they want when they want

Re: Feature: Here's What Was Announced During The January 2018 Nintendo Direct Mini


I was probably expecting one more blockbuster announcement, however I'm quite happy with what was announced. I doubt I will double dip one hyrule warriors or Tropical Freeze unless there are significant performance/content upgrades. However I think I will get the rest, particularly TWEWY and Dark Souls. Mario Tennis could be a surprise hit if it has more content than the Wii U instalment

Re: Nintendo's Damon Baker Hints At An Even Bigger Year For Switch in 2018


To whoever said 2017 can't top 2018, look at it this way

We've no idea what Nintendo EPD are working on and it could be in the region of 5/6 games
No idea what NST are working on
No idea what Retro are working on
No idea what 1UP are working on
No idea what ND Cube are working on
No idea what Next Level are working on
Monolithsoft could potentially have another smaller game in the works
Creatures could be working on a non main line pokemon game
NERD are probably working on Virtual Console

Pokémon company are working on Pokemon
Intelligent systems are working on Fire Emblem
Good Feel are working on Yoshi
HAL are working on Kirby

Let's see what Nintendo announces, there's certainly the possibility of some big games

That's without even mentioning Metroid 4 and Bayonetta 3

Re: Soapbox: Switch's Rampant Success Is Proof Positive That You Should Never Write Off Nintendo


I enjoyed my Wii U but Nintendo got it all wrong for all the reasons that have been pointed out before.

What I think people forget is the point at which Nintendo got all their gaming divisions in the one space. It is clearly too difficult for a company like Nintendo to sustain a quality and steady flow of games for two consoles on their own (handheld and home). Put that all under one roof and put the efforts into one console that can do both portable and home gaming and you have a got a real chance then.

People are already questioning Nintendo's ability to have a steady slew of games in 2018 to match 2017. I think its silly to think Nintendo havent already planned for this. I think we we will get a number of big hitters this year.

Re: Super Mario Odyssey Holds Its Own In The UK Software Charts


Ive shown switch fifa to quite a lot of people now and every one of them has been surprised by how well it runs and how good it looks. I think word of mouth and will be what gets people to consider buying it.

Also if EA have already put in the hard work on the custom engine for this years edition I could easily see them building on and perfecting it for fifa 19. I think at the very least we'll continue seeing Fifa games from EA on switch

Re: Review: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch)


This is an example if why Switch is such an exciting concept. I fully planned on playing this main in docked mode so while the drop in quality to portable is dissapointing, it wont affect me at all but the option is still there to play in portable if need be.

Has a console ever had such a stellar first 12 months, I cant wait to see whats coming in the next 12 months.

Re: RiME Devs Explain The Difficulty Of Porting The Game To Switch


Like many others im sure, I cancelled my pre-order after seeing the issues about performance. It really isnt an acceptable excuse when you look at Zelda, Doom or Mario Odyssey which all deal with the switches hardware in unique ways. A game like this really shouldnt have any issues

Re: Talking Point: The Nintendo Switch is Modernising, But Has a Long Way to Go


I think its been a good first 7 months and to be honest im not surprised all these various features are rolling out over the first year, I don't mind at all to be honest.

My only complaints really are:

Games that don't fit on one cartridge, they really need to increase the size options available to publishers.

That they didnt include a big chunk of flash memory on the system, they could have at least put 128gb on it or even given two options at retail.

The very slow roll out of the e-shop and online services, I still find it quite basic even when compared to the wii u offering. They could have even kept the same store front for switch really.

Other than that I think they've done a great job especially courting potential 3rd parties like EA, 2K games and Bethesda. Now if Ubi, Capcom, Squenix and Activision could step up their offerings we could be on to something really special with this one.

Re: Soapbox: Seriously Nintendo, It's Time For A Switch Joy-Con With A Proper D-Pad


I think its a necessity if you want to play the likes of street fighter on the go, it'll all come down to your gaming tastes really. For me I bought a pro controller specifically for Street Fighter because I knew I would a d-pad for it. What it does mean though is that I really only play when its hooked up to the tv.

I think a dpad controller is a necessity for the system but not a necessity for everyone. It does need to happen asap though, I can only assume Nintendo is at max production capacity at the minute, which is why we are where we are currently