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Re: RiME Devs Explain The Difficulty Of Porting The Game To Switch


Like many others im sure, I cancelled my pre-order after seeing the issues about performance. It really isnt an acceptable excuse when you look at Zelda, Doom or Mario Odyssey which all deal with the switches hardware in unique ways. A game like this really shouldnt have any issues

Re: Talking Point: The Nintendo Switch is Modernising, But Has a Long Way to Go


I think its been a good first 7 months and to be honest im not surprised all these various features are rolling out over the first year, I don't mind at all to be honest.

My only complaints really are:

Games that don't fit on one cartridge, they really need to increase the size options available to publishers.

That they didnt include a big chunk of flash memory on the system, they could have at least put 128gb on it or even given two options at retail.

The very slow roll out of the e-shop and online services, I still find it quite basic even when compared to the wii u offering. They could have even kept the same store front for switch really.

Other than that I think they've done a great job especially courting potential 3rd parties like EA, 2K games and Bethesda. Now if Ubi, Capcom, Squenix and Activision could step up their offerings we could be on to something really special with this one.

Re: Soapbox: Seriously Nintendo, It's Time For A Switch Joy-Con With A Proper D-Pad


I think its a necessity if you want to play the likes of street fighter on the go, it'll all come down to your gaming tastes really. For me I bought a pro controller specifically for Street Fighter because I knew I would a d-pad for it. What it does mean though is that I really only play when its hooked up to the tv.

I think a dpad controller is a necessity for the system but not a necessity for everyone. It does need to happen asap though, I can only assume Nintendo is at max production capacity at the minute, which is why we are where we are currently

Re: FIFA 18 Sales Are Important for Future EA Support of Nintendo Switch


I don't really see the problem with what he's said to be honest. I'd assume they've done lots of market research indicating that the types of gamers they cater to are likely to buy Fifa games. So if Fifa is their flagship game as we tend to know it is then if they launch that on a nintendo machine andnit does well the indications will be that there is likely to be a market for their other games. If it does poorly then the indications will be the reverse.

The difference this time is that they seem to be putting a fair bit of effort into this one, they are releasing it alongside other systems and haven't drastically cut it down. I think it will do quite well to be honest, I've pre-ordered and itll be my first fifa in about 10 years

Re: Review: Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (Switch)


Just reading some of the comments, Im not sure way of the hado is a reason to mark the game down. Its a tacked on extra and not really a selling point for the game, its an extra mode that you would probably play for about 10 minutes.

If you are buying this its for pure SF2 which is the reason I'll be picking it up £30 isnt too bad