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I play lots of video games, and I like to sing. If I'm not playing video games, I'm probably doing stuff at Church or school, and doing stuff revolving around those things.

Tue 27th October, 2009

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moomoo commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

@Chaoz Doesn't change that the game isn't complete. And even then, you can only access two maps every hour. In a game where matches last 3 minutes a pop, that's a lot of repetition over a relatively short period of time.

Utter lack of modes doesn't help matters either. That's honestly the real kicker. Those are what allow the maps to have replayability in other shooters, since it forces players to approach maps in drastically different ways. As it stands, I don't know how I could play this and not get bored dreadfully quickly, especially with the standard set much higher by other shooters.



moomoo commented on Review: Splatoon (Wii U):

The campaign is 3-5 hours long and there are only 5 maps in multilplayer (and they're small to boot).

How is this game $60?



moomoo commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2015:

I'm looking forward to Codename: STEAM. Reminds me a bit of Valkyria Chronicles, which I love.

Outside of that, though, there isn't much. I've already played Majora's Mask, and Monster Hunter and Harvest Moon isn't really my thing. I've already played Titan Attacks on my Vita, and I got all but one of the trophies in the game in a couple of hours. Dementium is pretty archaic if the DS version is any indication.

Hopefully there's more on the way. Thankfully, I have other platforms.



moomoo commented on Video: This Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Trailer P...:

This is unlikely to come westward.

Even if it does, I probably wouldn't get it. Dragon Quest doesn't touch the music quality of Final Fantasy in my eyes.

I wonder if they could team up with other publishers to make Theatrythm games outside their portfolio.



moomoo commented on The Man Responsible For Reviving Nintendo's Re...:

"When people started complaining that I wasn't active on Twitter anymore, it was suggested that a PR person could just post in my name. I thought that was about the worst idea I'd ever heard, so I left it as is and let the silence speak for itself."
Wow. Nintendo continues to prove how backwards they are. Absolutely rediculous.



moomoo commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

No one is going to buy a Wii U to play GBA games. It does not make business sense to not also have these on 3DS, period. Nintendo needs to do what Sony does with their older library of games; make it integrated with one another and simultaneous.



moomoo commented on Nintendo Versions Of Mutant Mudds Have Sold Be...:

For what it's worth, I saw way more advertising for this game on 3DS and Wii U. I didn't even know it was on PSN until I checked the store randomly one day. There also isn't as much competition on either eshop, considering its price point. There's tons of indie games on PSN and Steam that are around the same price point and are also much better (and in the same genre to boot).

Then there's what everyone else said about the appeal retro platformers will have on Nintendo audiences, which I'd have a hard time arguing with too.



moomoo commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

The idea that a system can be successful without 3rd party support is ludicrous. Loyalties off of 3rd parties is the biggest money-maker for a console maker. To say it's not important is foolish.

At the very least, the Wii had 3rd party support. It was different support, but it was there in tremendously large quantities. With the Wii U, that's not the case, and it's not looking likely to change.



moomoo commented on Feature: Nintendo Games Our Readers Would Love...:

I feel like all of the continuations of series that are on this list have run their course. I don't see much need for a new Advance Wars or Wave Race from a perspective of new ideas. The only cool idea on here would be a Pokémon fighting game.

As for Earthbound, it's pretty much the worst JRPG I've played when it comes to game mechanics, so it can die in a fire. :p

The fact that we don't have a wider variety of VC games really irks me.



moomoo commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

Why not just put VC games on iOS and the like? They clearly aren't a selling point on the Wii U and 3DS; just look at how poorly the service is handled on those systems.

You can still play with buttons on the Wii U and 3DS, and I have a feeling people are going to go for those versions over touchscreens. This just allows for them to make way more money, since they expand their audience while also advertising their franchises.



moomoo commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life Readers' Award...:

The readers had a better list! :O
I must be dreaming... I only have minor nitpicks here. Solid list all around. It's also nice to see such a niche game like Fire Emblem get so much community praise. 3rd place for overall game of the year isn't too shabby when you have the insanely recognizable Zelda and Mario ahead of it.



moomoo commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

Darn it. I actually really liked Swapnote. I loved seeing all the things that my friends would write.

I get why they did it, but jeez, couldn't they have been a bit less drastic and just get rid of the ability to not send pictures and audio clips? It's not exactly easy to draw a detailed picture of inappropriate body parts on Swapnote. Most wouldn't be as obvious as the stuff Georgia O'Keefe made, and she was able to get away with calling them flowers.

I mean, I get the other things, like sending in phone numbers and such, but seriously, did you honestly think that some people wouldn't abuse this, Nintendo?

Actually, now that I think about it, Pokémon is probably the reason why they did this. In the meta game, the Friend Safari can't be used unless if you have friends, so kids who may not traditionally go on message boards due to their age may go on to get friends for that purpose. Nintendo must have been afraid of people that young using Nintendo's online features and being exposed to risk.



moomoo commented on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Will ...:

I already own the game on the 360, so I wasn't going to get this version unless if it was cheaper anyway. It's unfortunate, too, since I really want to play it on the Wii U. I guess I'll just wait for the inevitable price drop.



moomoo commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

@Onett ...but it's not new. There's a good chance that most of the people on this site have already played it all the way through.
I mean, there's other games that could have been mentioned instead of Wind Waker. Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends; it just seems weird to mention a game that came out 10 years ago of all games is all.



moomoo commented on Soapbox: Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn't For Me:

I don't quite get the author on this one. It's fine to not be into GTA V. But where did the Wind Waker thing come from? If you wanted to replay Wind Waker, you could just do it on the Gamecube. I don't see why it needed to be brought up.



moomoo commented on Over 61% of Q2 Game Sales in the U.S. Were Fro...:

Everyone should keep in mind that this is for the entire video game market, not necessarily Nintendo. With mobile gaming (an incredibly large portion of the industry) being made up entirely of downloads, this isn't very surprising.



moomoo commented on Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle...:

@NorthLightSuplx Rayamn Legends, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101. These were supposed to be launch window games. Instead, they released right before or will release right before the price drop. Those games were the reason I bought a Wii U early, so to have them release so close to a price drop really makes it leave a bad taste in the mouth.



moomoo commented on Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle...:

@SkywardCrowbar You know, I'd disagree with you if games would have come out when they were supposed to. But all of the worthwhile Wii U games that have or will release are coming out at around the same time of the price drop. Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and Rayman Legends were all supposed to be launch window titles, but they didn't come out until about a month or less to the price drop.

I really hope there's some sort of compensation, because when you promise software in the first 6 months and don't deliver, it's natural for the userbase to be ticked.



moomoo commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

@Realgamer4life People can indeed read directions. I don't know how many people that do read directions, though. I know I don't, but I do my research. Most consumers, however, probably want things to be as simple as be.

Since the hardrive isn't mandatory, many people won't go for it, as they won't see the point in taking advantage of the great things a hardrive would offer. If it was so integral, why not just include it? They just want to play some games off of the discs they buy.

How many people who bought a Wii U actually use an external HDD for their system? Even if it's a high percentage of the userbase, you won't want to take chances and mandate it on your game. It's too risky.



moomoo commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

@Realgamer4life If you're a parent who isn't familiar with the video game industry and don't follow Nintendo online, then you're not going to know. Let's say that your child wants a Wii U for his birthday, along with a game. You give that Wii U to your precious child along with that game, only to discover that that game needs to be installed, and the space on your system isn't enough.

Wouldn't that suck?

There's lots of people who don't follow Nintendo a lot that may want to buy their system. Regardless of whether Nintendo recommends an external Hardrive, many people aren't going to hear, because they just want to buy the system and some games.



moomoo commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Limited Hard Drive ...:

@Hylian_Scholar How many Wii U owners actually have an external hardrive?
If there are few people who have a hardrive to do installs on, it doesn't make sense for a publisher to mandate it when the install space required would be larger then the maximum amount of space on the basic Wii U model. It's too risky.

This will be a major problem when it comes to 3rd party stuff in the future. It's looking ever likelier that the Wii U will pretty much only play Nintendo games.