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Fri 21st Jan 2011

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MontasakiMom commented on Review: The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABCs (Wi...:

I think this game is terrible. My 2 and 4 year olds have virtually (no pun intended) NO Interest. I've been tempted to purchase the additional content, hoping it would add something to the experience, but thanks to this review, I realize that would be throwing good money after bad. The alphabet screen doesn't have a function that allows it to cycle through the letters without them being clicked on individually, which makes it uninteresting to the kids, as they're not dexterous enough to hit each letter in order as they go through the alphabet. Lame. The stamps are pointless - no learning there. And the scratch off the color thing is okay, but they're bored after like, 2 screens of it. We're very disappointed in this personification of a lovely series, and I wish we'd never purchased it. Sorry to rain on the parade, but that's how we see it here in our house, for what it's worth.