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Sat 11th Jun 2011

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MoistVomit commented on Review: Jewel Match 3 (3DS eShop):

Eisenbolan - Thanks for the additional information. You pretty much summed up more key points to the game which was missing from the 10+ paragraphs of the initial review.



MoistVomit commented on Review: QIX (Game Boy):

I'd rather they just release Gals Panic with 3DS effects for the 3D system they released.. You can already play the original arcade version of Qix online for free (and in color).



MoistVomit commented on Nintendo Download: 7th July (North America):

Sadly it has reached the point where Nintendo has a huge back catalogue & they merely push old games a 2nd time onto new hardware. This philojusophy will only carry you so far. Forrtified Zone and all other et al possibly multiplayer games are merely emulated to 3ds with no additional features beyond the original. The programming/coding for original GB games is more than well understood at this point so what possible legal reason would exist which would prevent Nintendo to add additional content to an extremely old title. Nintendo needs to look towards the future. Releasing their wii version of Castlevania or Wii version of Contra with 3D enhancements (which requires an extremely simple programming intervention) is more along the lines of what fans deserve.