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Sat 14th Sep 2013

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Mochtroid commented on ​Don't Starve: Giant Edition Arrives on the ...:

I have this on PC and it is one of the best games I have ever played. You can literally spend your whole day on this game.

If you've never played it before and are curious, you should definitely take the plunge and get it.

Yes, it is hard and unforgiving. But once you start getting the hang of things, the experience can feel quite rewarding.



Mochtroid commented on Cancelled ZombiU Sequel Prototype Featured Co-...:

Before "Dying Light", there was ZombiU.

While it wasn't the commercial success Ubisoft was hoping for, ZombiU got the ball rolling for what has now become the next step in survival horror games. It had it's flaws, but the direction of the game was definitely the correct one. And it's a shame that Ubisoft didn't take a second stab with a sequel.

If anyone from Ubisoft ever reads this, we want another ZombiU game... NOT a "Just Dance" game or other piece of lame casual fodder.



Mochtroid commented on Platinum Games’ Producer Thanks Wii U Owners...:

Bought both Bayonetta 1 and 2 at the Midnight eShop release. I love to pieces! Easily my GOTY.

Thank you so much Platinum Games for bringing this stellar experience to the Wii U! While the sales may not reflect it, we DO love your game and we are greatful!

I hope you'll be bringing us Bayonetta 3 as well!



Mochtroid commented on Wii U Minecraft Looking Doubtful As Dev Says T...:

All this has done is make people hate 4J Studios and Mojang for giving BS excuses as to why they've continuously side-stepped the Wii U for a MineCraft port, even though Miiverse is constantly flooded with requests for this game.

If you don't want to put the game on Wii U, that's fine. But be honest about your reasons. Otherwise, you'll just end up creating a legion of scorned fans.



Mochtroid commented on Activision Confirms That Call of Duty: Advance...:

Disappointed? Definitely. Surprised? Not really.

I'm really going to miss the off-screen and remote play features on the Wii U. At least we got two COD games, right? I just hope that Activision is aware that there ARE those of us who bought and loved COD on Wii U. Our numbers may be small, but our passion is great!

It sucks that they have to do this to us. :/



Mochtroid commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Ubisoft has it all wrong.

Their games in general are just not system sellers. Not that their games are bad, but no one is going to buy a Wii U for a game they can play on another platform they already own. It has nothing to do with Nintendo owners not being interested in their games. Hell, I own nearly every game they've put out on Wii U EXCEPT "Just Dance". And now they want me to be stuck with only that option?

I give a huge middle finger to Ubisoft



Mochtroid commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Won't Bring Live Twitch Stre...:

I think it's a mistake to NOT include twitch livestream to Wii U. Unless, of course, there are hardware constraints preventing this from happening (in which case, Nintendo should just say so instead of trying to convince us that it's not fun... let us be the judge of what's fun and what isn't).

I personally really like the idea of being able to share my gaming experiences with others.



Mochtroid commented on E3 2014: Reggie Fils-Aime Reaffirms Nintendo's...:

I agree! Nintendo needs to stay committed to the Gamepad and devise new uses and ideas for it.

BUT... I also believe that Nintendo needs to show full support for the Pro Controller as well. It can't continue to be a back-seat option. As much as I love the Gamepad, I'm finding myself playing more and more on the Pro Controller because:

A) It has much more battery life.
B) Is surprisingly lighter and more comfortable.
C) If dropped, it's far less likely to break than the Gamepad.

I'm extremely protective of that Gamepad and really don't like to let others handle it because I know that if it ever breaks, I lose a lot of console features that can't be used with the Pro Controller.



Mochtroid commented on Talking Point: It's Not Too Late for Nintendo ...:

As much as we are all hoping, as much as we are all demanding, regardless how good of a "fit" the game is for the system and the Gamepad, I really don't think Minecraft is coming to the Wii U... EVER.

When you consider all the other platforms the game has surfaced on, it becomes pretty clear that Notch doesn't see the Wii U as any kind of priority for Minecraft. I don't know what it is he has against this system, but if he can go this long without so much as a tiny hint to any kind of release on a Nintendo platform, I think it's safe to assume he has no intention of ever doing it.

I agree that the Wii U is BY FAR the best-suited system for a Minecraft game, but despite that, Notch would rather skip us over, again and again, for platforms he likes whether they are good-fits or not.



Mochtroid commented on Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Software Bundle C...:

Why do you make things so hard for yourselves, Nintendo?

Look at all this feed back. People WANT THIS, but it's only available in one city in the entire country. Do you guys realize the amount of potential sales you are about to pass up?



Mochtroid commented on Hideki Konno Emphasizes That Mario Kart 8 Bala...:

@Yorumi - Yeah it was! In the beginning, I hated coming across Snakers online. But I quickly acknowledged that these were skilled players and that in order to beat a skilled player, you have to become skilled yourself. And so I learned. It was hard, even harder to do online. But but it paid off!

I though every Mario Kart game after DS would take this kind of approach.



Mochtroid commented on Hideki Konno Emphasizes That Mario Kart 8 Bala...:

I hope Mario Kart's dev team handles the game balance correctly this time. It's the only thing they ever get wrong. As of late, Mario Kart always punishes the racers with the most racing-skill and rewards the ones who struggle the most. It's frustrating when you know you're good, you've been practicing and playing your hands off, but then you get online only to be pummeled with a huge barrage of items because you're who was able to pull out in front of everyone early on. And once you're pulled back into the pack, you never get out. It's just turns into a huge chaotic item-fest because there are 12 players and FAR too many opportunities to grab items/power ups.

So far, the only Mario Kart game with true balance is the SNES Super Mario Kart. It's still my current favorite of the whole series. Don't get me wrong, I love every single Mario Kart game I've ever played and I have really high hopes for Mario Kart 8. But I think the only other Mario Kart game that rewards skilled players (other than the original) is Mario Kart DS. If you knew how to "Snake" you could recover from just about any amount of item pummeling you took from other players. But snaking required some series skills.

THAT is how do Mario Kart right.