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Male, 18, United States

When I'm not writing news articles for this site or playing video games, you can find me sparring at the local MMA training facility or working at the movie theater. Currently planning on going west to the fabled golden lands of California for college.

Wed 28th July, 2010

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MitchVogel commented on Review: G.G Series SCORE ATTACKER (DSiWare):

@KeeperBvK We can needlessly split hairs over obscure sub-genre tags all day, but the point of this review is to get the gist of the game across to potential buyers that are looking for an opinion from somebody that has hands on experience with the game. All the same, I appreciate your comment! It's always interesting to see what devoted fans of the genre have to say.



MitchVogel commented on Preview: Rekindling Platforming Passion in Sup...:

@zackreed Not necessarily. I'm skeptical as to whether or not this can deliver 60$ worth of new, worthwhile content. When I say that, I don't mean in terms of levels, but in the tools themselves. What are we getting in this full fledged retail release that couldn't have been present in a hypothetical level editor that was released as DLC for NSMBU or even included in the initial product?



MitchVogel commented on Preview: Rekindling Platforming Passion in Sup...:

I'm still on the fence about this one. Everything I read about it is overwhelmingly positive and I believe this is a milestone moment in the franchise, but yet... something about it just doesn't grab me.

I mean, this certainly sounds to be much more advanced and feature heavy than "just another level editor" and when you get right down to it, this offers a platform for an infinite number of Mario levels and thus exceeds what any one Mario game could achieve. I guess my main question is: what justifies this as its own release?



MitchVogel commented on Review: Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeri...:

@FeedingTheWheel My favorite thing about it is how it simply feels like the most distilled recent example of a game from its time. I like playing JRPGs, but I can never play anything from that era (besides Chrono Trigger) for longer than a few hours before boredom sets in and I just can't fight the aged mechanics any more. This still has some of that, but it's much more bearable and enjoyable.



MitchVogel commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand on Miiverse and Its P...:

I don't really mind the limit as I rarely post to Miiverse, but the sentiment behind it bothers me somewhat. Miiverse has evolved into something bigger than Nintendo's original vision, yet instead of celebrating this Nintendo is regulating it to try to force it into becoming that original vision.



MitchVogel commented on Nintendo Still Hasn't Decided Which Zelda Time...:

@Pod I agree, I never saw the point in an overarching timeline. These games don't tell an epic story that unfolds over the course of dozens of games, it's roughly the same story each time. I always liked to see it as the "Legend" in the title is to be taken literally and each game is like somebody telling another version of a story they'd heard.



MitchVogel commented on Review: Neon Battle (Wii U eShop):

@BLPs There are always exceptions! I wrote the introduction with overly ambitious game developers in mind. It's fine to have big dreams, but there comes a point where one needs to be realistic. I've seen so many kickstarters that promise "Skyrim meets call of duty with assassins creed elements and 3000 3d platforming stages!!!1!!11" and then they unsurprisingly completely fail to deliver. I don't know how talented you are or what you can do, but my advice is to just work within your means. Focus on making it the absolute best game you can and make a game that YOU want to play.



MitchVogel commented on Review: Land it Rocket (Wii U / Wii U eShop):

@ULTRA-64 I'd argue that this could be said about any game. The question is: how much of the blame lies with the developer and the game design itself? Failure in a well designed game is almost always the player's fault and while I have yet to play this one myself, it sounds like the controls are way too touchy for it to be just the player's fault. It raises an interesting question, though! Where do we draw the line between it being the player's fault and the developer's fault?



MitchVogel commented on Review: Land it Rocket (Wii U / Wii U eShop):

@Hero-of-WiiU I think the tutorials cover enough basics to give you a working knowledge of how to make a game. The trouble comes with the next step when you have to actually make the game. It's no excuse for making a bad game of course, but there are SO many minute design decisions that go into making a game.



MitchVogel commented on Review: G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE (DSiWare):

@C-Olimar I was just as surprised. Typically, two dollar games are largely forgettable and thrown together affairs that fail to provide any sort of lasting substance. While not all of these G.G games are gems, many of them do manage to nail a particular brand of score chasing action that's surprisingly worth your time.



MitchVogel commented on Review: Japanese Rail Sim 3D Journey in Suburb...:

@Windy I stated quite clearly in the review why this game is deserving of a 3; the two primary aspects of the game, the video footage and the train controls, were both lackluster. Calling this game good would be misleading to many of the readers on this site. I'm glad that you thought it was good, though! There will doubtless be some people who buy this and deeply regret it.



MitchVogel commented on Gunpei Yokoi Discusses The Struggle To Make Th...:

I think he's right about how graphics are not as important as the industry makes them out to be, but they're not completely irrelevant either. Honestly, very few games from the extremely jagged N64/Playstation era are easily played through nowadays because they're such eyesores. The key to the timeless appearance of a game is a solid art direction that will look good regardless of when it's being viewed.



MitchVogel commented on ​Early Adopters of Xeodrifter Actually May N...:

This is really disappointing not just because I won't be getting a free copy on my Wii U, but because it means a lot less exposure for this game and Renegade Kid. Renegade Kid puts out some excellent games and Jools is a great guy, it's sad to see unfortunate things like this happen to the studio due to outdated software on Nintendo's side.



MitchVogel commented on Review: Kirby Squeak Squad (Wii U eShop / DS):

I always saw this as the unofficial third entry of the GBA games and I thought it was the best out of them. After Amazing Mirror kinda missed the mark with its metroidvania approach, this one was more on point.



MitchVogel commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (...:

I think this game represented a pivot point for the game industry as a whole, but I disagree with a 10/10. While it may be that we must take into account the period and context in which a game was released, I believe games should be rated purely on their merits alone relative to the modern game industry.

Yes, OoT was a huge step forward for adventure games and 3D gaming in general, but it has since been surpassed and improved upon by games both inside and outside of its own series. I downloaded this game once again today and was immediately greeted by lackluster graphics, a frustrating camera, and occasionally archaic design. I'd say that while this was a 10/10 when it launched, it's about a 7/10 now.