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Sun 3rd Mar 2013

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Misterkyler commented on Rumour: Next Sonic Game Will Be Called Sonic A...:

I honestly don't understand the stupidity of people anymore. The Sega Dreamcast was the best console of all time and was the most advanced of it's time. It brought on a whole new era of gaming, with being able to access the internet and get games online (As well as DLC). It marked the new beginning to gaming and graphics. It was the first console to have internet access and DLC, as well as the best graphics of it's time by far. The Dreamcast had so much potential, yet was one of the most underrated systems of all time. Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 made the Dreamcast's legacy, as well as the Power Stone games. Sega would have completely owned every gaming console if the Play-Station 2 didn't rip it out of the market. I loved how memory cards were placed in the controllers with neat little visuals, no other console had the uniqueness that the dreamcast presented. I just do not understand how people are so idiotic to piss themselves over the PS2, there was nothing unique about it (Besides being able to play DvD's, but that's it!). If Dreamcast just had a few more years to show off it's large package, it would have ripped sony right off the market. The Play station is a failure in my opinion. Their controllers are a mess and the systems look plain and , just looks like a DVD player to be honest. The first PS I will give was okay, but they shouldn't have ripped Sega out of the console making business. If Sega can pull together everything it's learned from the crap it's been making for the past 9 years (Glitches, crappy storyline, ect.). Sonic Adventure 3 can be a turning point in Sega's future. Why they got rid of the concept of Chaos is beyond me, I spent at least 85% of the game in the Chao Gardens raising my Chao. And for those of you who even consider Sonic heros/Unleashed/'06 to be a Sonic Adventure 3...