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Female, 25, Belgium

Favorite games: Legend of Zelda, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Skies of Arcadia Legends, Secret of Mana,... Favorite video game composers: David Wise, Graeme Norgate and Koji Kondo.

Mon 7th Jan 2013

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Miss_Dark commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

I'm expecting them to give more details bout other changes in another direct, there will probably be a master quest since many people complained bout the game being too easy

perhaps they're still working on improving the graphics, the update looks pretty limited here but I'm sure it will look amazing on a big flatscreen



Miss_Dark commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand on Miiverse and Its P...:

@Aromaiden You got a point but didnt E3 give u the feeling that Nintendo thinks they can get away with just about anything? That animal crossing festival... "metroid"... All those stupid spin-offs that lack a soul (compared to N64, SNES and GCB games) and people just keep buying them. I hope they all fail, the odds for metroid seem pretty high. This all started with the Wii, when they changed their target audience. Wii U actually seemed to go in a better direction again with rayman legends, pikmin 3, splatoon, DKC tropical freeze, zelda windwaker etc....