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Thu 15th April, 2010

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Mirrorball commented on Review: Kirby's Pinball Land (3DS eShop / Game...:

Just got this as a Club Nintendo "reward" and being a pinball junkie, I decided to give it a try. Never have played it before & read this review before I got it, but went ahead anyway. This review is way off, which is strange since I usually agree with the scores on this site. Oh well ...



Mirrorball commented on Hands On: Netflix Wii:

@slapshot82: I don't think people get ripped off by buying the little box from Netflix, the Roku. I have had it for awhile now, before Netflix was available to stream on any console. At $100 and has HD, that is a lot less, especially if someone isn't looking for a bluray or a gaming console. It also has other channels to add, like Pandora. oh, and the box is pretty small, less than 4 CD cases on top of each other. I don't feel ripped off at all.
I agree about your instant movie suggestions at least. ;) Auschwitz is well done (and everyone should see it, just to at least remember that something like that happened), and those IMAX movies do look good :)
I currently have 100 shows & movies in my instant queue. I LOVE it!

I like the Wii version. the video quality is fine with my set-up. I also prefer the interface on the Wii compared to the Roku, works so much smoother. Not HD, but still looks as good as playing a standard DVD, at least with what I watched, so far, through the Wii.