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Fri 12th Mar 2010

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miketh2005 commented on Nintendo Issues Warning on 3D Image Safety for...:

@warioswoods: How would you know if it did anything to your eyes? It probably isn't saying you'll go blind if you use 3D for more than 30 mins, but just damage your eyes so that you'd never glasses / better glasses SOMETIME in your life, it also might effect some people and not others. So unless your about to die at 80 yrs old, you can't say it hasn't effected you in some way, and even if it hasn't it might have for someone else.



miketh2005 commented on Mario Sports Mix Giveaway!:

Thanks! Love me some Mario Sports games. I really need a new Wii game, the only other one I have is Wii Sports, we play it everyday and never needed another!! xD It's getting old now, though.



miketh2005 commented on Nintendo Predicts 4 Million 3DS Units to Sell ...:

Prob more. They'll sell out just like the Wii, there will be shortages my prediction. The 3DS is WAY better than the Wii imo, so it will sell even faster than the Wii did, as it's appealing to everyone, not just kids and moms.

To all those saying the price is deep, the price is holding it back, blah, blah, blah. WE DONT KNOW THE PRICE, WE ONLY KNOW WHAT IT WILL BE IN JAPAN, NOT US OR EUROPE OR AUSTRALIA.



miketh2005 commented on You'll be Shocked by Japan's Most Wanted 3DS F...:

@JesusSaves: @3 It's not Nintendo's fault for the overhypment, it's overhyped because it's so cool, lol. It's not "gimmicky", it's the next step in portable gaming, and you can turn it off if you want, how is that gimmicky? You said it yourself, the systems that fail, didn't fail because the hardware was too good, it failed because it didn't have good games.
The first party titles aren't ALL remakes, maybe 50% are, but thats only because of the 3D, and they are trying to please the fans, but who cares about 1st party titles when there are so much good 3rd party titles already announced!
We see the 3DS line up so far, and almost every developer is developing or will develop for it. I mean, the thing hasn't even come OUT yet, and there are so much developers, imagine when it comes out?

@2: And downloadable content is bad how? Everyone is doing it, not just nintendo.

@1: Nintendo, and Microsoft, and Sony... You yourself said it again: "the 1st party launch titles are pretty much all remakes. I don't need another copy of Starfox 64 however great its graphics may be."
That doesn't sound like casual games to me. Nintendo might be making casual games, but they aren't leaving their fans out in the cold either. Microsoft with Kinect, and Sony with Move is doing the same thing, lol.

All we have here is a troll who is too poor to afford a 3DS when it first comes out. Hence the "I'll buy it when it comes under $75" and the "I use eBay". Move along people, move along.



miketh2005 commented on 3DS Form is Final Shape, says Hideki Konno:

@Kimiko: The shiny coating thing can still be fixed, that has nothing to do with the body. Iwata (i think, or miyamoto) is the one that wanted the slider instead of buttons, because he said he wanted something more quick and responsive. And if you had button's how would you know if the depth is in the middle, deep or off?

@MeloMan: WHO THE F*** CARES ABOUT COLORS!?!?!?!? You sound like those PS3 fanboys who hate Wii because the graphics suck. It's the hardware/software that matters!



miketh2005 commented on 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated...:

@RowdyRodimus: They can't do that because torrent sites, aren't illegal :S rofl.
@Skrubber: You can't say DSi/XL hasn't been hacked, because it has. You can play pirated games and homebrew on it. It just hasn't been COMPLETELY hacked to the CORE, as homebrew makers can't use the extra ram or camera's. This doesn't bother pirates.

And Rowdy already said, he was being sarcastic, meaning he can make up statistics, too, just like the publishers do.



miketh2005 commented on 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated...:

@4 and 5: It took quite a long time to hack the DSi, heck, it's still not completely hacked (i guess they need some passcode key to be able to use the DSi's extra RAM and cameras), and I'm sure the 3DS will have way better protection than that, so Prob not that soon at all.

@Moco Loco: All the hackers have to do is trick the new character into thinking you have the receipt held up



miketh2005 commented on The Last Story Gets Incredible First Trailer:

What up with the end scene? Sex scene after that? O.o

Looks like MH3 with a story. If the game has a good story, I'll play it, or if it gets good reviews, but it looks like alot of grinding and repetitiveness to me. :/ If it's good, hopefully we'll get a localization.

Looks like a turn-based mixed with real-time action RPG, which is a great idea, though! I just hope the missions / quests aren't repetitive and are unique, instead of just saying Do this, kill 100 guys, come back.



miketh2005 commented on Hey Square Enix, Let Obsidian Develop a Chrono...:

Ha, I was just thinking this was the best game I've played for the DS so far (I had never played it previously on the SNES, was too young at the time), but when I got to the very end to beat Lavos, (I literally was at the VERY VERY end) my save file got corrupted! :S I dunno what happened, maybe I accidentally turned the power off when it saved, that would do it :S So I never got to see the ending or do the side quests. I was planning on doing the side quests to build up EXP then beat Lavos because my team was too weak to beat him, I tried. I'll prob never see the ending now, because I'm too lazy to do it ALL over again, since I used a walkthrough to the tee, and put in prob 50 hours grinding alot. No way I'm doing it all again.

I have never played Chrono Cross, either.

I wish it would come to the 3DS, or even the DS.

@47: Buying a PS1 game for $16? WTF?!?!?!?



miketh2005 commented on Advanced Circuits Flash Demo Offers Free Wheeling:

tried 3 levels of the online game, didnt like it, didnt think I'd like it. mostly dont like puzzle games. just boring, dont like to think unless its rewarding, hate picross and crosswords and sodoku too.

well, i know what it is. just figured it out. i luike word searches, and i was wondering why i like word searches but not crosswords? its because, the answer is there and i will EVENTUALLY get it. wheereas with crosswords, if i dont know the answer, i just dont know it with picross, its just too hard, it'd take me forever to figure it out. so i like puzzle games which are easy i guess, not one which will take me a really long time to figure out.



miketh2005 commented on Miyamoto Ready to Create a New Character:

The game isn't coming out this year! He said: "I think that NEXT year I can probably DELIVER something new."

Notice he says: "So I feel this is the year where I must at long last MAKE a new character."

So he'll MAKE the character this year, but DELIVER is NEXT year. Which is kind of a short time, ain't it? Maybe it's just a WiiWare or 3DSWare game :/



miketh2005 commented on Pikmin 3 Development Going "Extremely Well":

I don't like how he said, "I gotta finish it quickly". I fear the game is gonna feel rushed and won't be as good as the last 2, but the simple fact is, the franchise has lots more potential. I just hope it will be really good and have as much charm as SMG2, because it's one of my favorite nintendo franchises.

@komicturtle92: maybe its coming for both



miketh2005 commented on Don't Expect Lefty Link in Zelda: Skyward Sword:

@Odnetnin: As Stuffgamer1 said, if you've been playing games for a long time, you'd have no problem, and actually prefer to have the nunchuck in your LEFT hand, because that's how regular game controllers are. It just makes sense to put it in your left hand, no matter if your a south paw or not.

Don't tell me you turn the regular controller backwards, do you?

I'm nowhere close to ambidextrous, and still hold the pointer in my right, just makes more sense to me, because that how all my other game consoles were, gamecube, nes, ps2, snes, n64, gameboy color, gameboy advance, DS, etc. etc.

Seriously, I don't understand it? Makes me think you haven't played with real controllers much.

I do EVERYTHING with my left hand, hold my silverware in my left hand, my tools with my left hand, prob the only thing i hold with my right is a mouse and the wii pointer.



miketh2005 commented on E3 2010: Kingdom Hearts 3DS:

@hatty475 the graphics are double better on the 3DS in 3D compared to plain 2D pictures on the internet i heard. so if you think those graphics are good, imagine what double those graphics would look like!



miketh2005 commented on The Sims 3:

woot, cant wait. i like the sims more on consoles then on PC, because there's actually something to do (story mode, missions, etc.) rather than going around making your own missions to do, which makes you feel "whats the point?"



miketh2005 commented on Kingdom Hearts Returns to DS with Re:coded:

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days must've done really well. I still have yet to play it, I'm really behind on my DS games. I'm on the last boss of Spiderman: Web of Shadows. I must say, it was better than I expect. The sense of speed and action is just awesome, its just too short and not deep enough as it should have been. Sonic the Hedgehog could learn a few things from this game...

Anyway, the plot for this game must be the worst plot I've seen in years!



miketh2005 commented on Podcast: Episode 16 - Get Ready for E3!:

12:50 WHAT? $200?!?!? Has Corbie been drinking too much? The DSi XL is $189 RETAIL! Why would a waaaaaaaay better portable machine be just $10 more than a DSi XL? lol. Doesn't make sense at all. I was thinking $350 - $400.



miketh2005 commented on Rumour: 3DS Could Rival PS3 and 360 in Power S...:

@Hardy83 wth are you talking about? household device? If retards don't keep the screen brightness at 5, it will last long. I went on a trip and it lasted on me until I fell asleep. And ninty sells car chargers for cheap, what was it $5? Unless you are gonna be sitting doing nothing in someplace with no outlet, the battery life is good enough.

@Klapaucius Who even says tamato now-a-days? LOL, my spell checker tried to spell check tamato xD