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Puerto Rico

Thu 23rd Feb 2012

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MikeDanger commented on Gargoyle's Quest II and Street Fighter 2010 Co...:

Gargoyle's Quest(1) has never been on the NES neither originally nor in port form, only released in Game Boy cartridge.

So Mr. Green, before you go writing an interesting article about VC games coming to the 3ds, both of which I am interested in playing, get your facts straight, man. Because now I know you know nothing to very little about the Ghost 'n Goblins spin-off series.

Sorry for the rant.... I need my morning coffee...



MikeDanger commented on Data Says - Choose Squirtle in Pokémon Red & ...:

Yeah Blastoise learning Ice Beam, Surf, Eathquake and Body Slam is pretty much all you need to beat the game single handedly.

I never really caught on with all the Bulbasaur hype, I always found Exeggutor to be the coolest gen 1 grass type, so I never chose the Grass Dinosaur.



MikeDanger commented on Mighty No. 9 Wii U Stretch Goal Has Been Reduced:

I only want to know who the hell contributed $10,000 just to have dinner with the man.

I mean, it sounds ok if the plane ticket and hotel were included, but it's just for one dinner. All the other prizes sound better for less.



MikeDanger commented on EA Will "Jump Back In" If Wii U Becomes A "Via...:

Sega is the one developer that's going to give life to the Wii U with great games like Bayonetta 2 and the new Sonic game which looks really good.

EA you are just money hogs, go support your Xbox One! This console will live long thanks to the burying of the grudges and new found team work between Nintendo and Sega.

Go forth and show these scrubs who were the pioneers of the Console War!



MikeDanger commented on WWE 2K14 Set To Skip Wii U:

You know what Nintendo? Go make your own wrestling game and make WWE14 look weak.

We know you can do it! Just don't make it a Mario game.



MikeDanger commented on EarthBound Delay May Not Have Been Caused By M...:

Hey, guys im just as hyped as anyone for this game to be on the VC, we just waited way too long for it.

Im one of those guys that played it on emulator cause I don't have $80+ to give away just because is a rare game.

But now i'll be able to play it legaly for a reasonable price. Cheers guys.