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I do music composition for games and movies, and doing acting. In free time playing and designing my own games.

Sun 3rd Feb 2013

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MikComposer commented on EA: Excited About New Generation Which Is "Yet...:

Don't worry people, WU chipset is cutting edge and it's build very elegantly. If the rumored specs for ps4 and 720 are to be true, then WU chipset is acctuly 4 times faster in processing information, with faster access to internal memory, while on those two consoles devs can throw more things at it, thought really "jaguar" sounds like its amd version of intels aion. Basically these sound like laptops. The graphics might be slightly sharper, but it is down to developers to make it look good. If compared to pc, the graphics on new consoles will run at high/ultra while wu will run on medium/high, which in modern day makes only difference to geeks. Also WU has got dsp, a dedicated sound processing unit, while in those two other consoles sound will be processed on one of the cores. And as someone who does music compositions and production, sounds puts a lot of strain on cpu.

Dude is basically saying that gen 4 will let them put frostbyte powered games on high or ultra settings and that due to pc like architecture they can minize expenses on ports. But there might be something more to that.

Wii U need a year or two of experimental period before they will start cranking up its capabilities. The games we will see this year will look good but will not be pushing the console too much.