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Mon 1st Jul 2013

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MightyShouter commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

@DiscoGentleman Sorry, what? According to Project Cars' official website, the Wii U version was the version most in-demand. Additionally, Project Cars is going up against the likes of Drive Club, Forza Horizon and The Crew - neither of which are on the Wii U. So how would they anticipate the Wii U version selling the least?



MightyShouter commented on Codemasters: F1 2013 Would Need To Be "A Very ...:

Nothing to do with the install base or power of the Wii U - they're developing for systems with a combined install base of 0, and even if the Wii U was the most powerful console this generation, developers would still find an excuse not to support it. It's just another example of business bias.