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A guy that loves Midna and ponies

Male, 18, United States

Just a sort of normal gamer i think?Who's favorite gaming franchise of all time is Zelda.Favorite game of Zelda is Twilight Princess.As you can see from my name i love Midna and i love My Little Pony, my favorite pony is Princess Luna.Now leave friendo!

Tue 24th December, 2013

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midnafanboy commented on Splatoon Updates Give More Insight Into Stages...:

@DerpSandwich "There are a lot of fully-featured and deep games out there for $10 or $15."Thank you for telling me something i already know,but back to the topic i didn't say anything i just laughed.Cause when i read your comment it felt like you were saying Splatoon was nothing more then a 10 dollar game,which can be bad or good thing depending on who you ask.



midnafanboy commented on Poll: As amiibo Expands and Evolves, Which Fea...:

The only reason i'm buying these figures cause they look awesome nothing more!Cause costumes? Really?If there was something like amiibo land where you can use them in minigames and such then i will changed my mind,but for now amiibos are just collectible figures,which for some reason Nintendo can't restock some of the rare ones.