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Tue 13th Apr 2010

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MickeyV commented on Review: Mega Man 4 (Virtual Console / NES):

Never understood why people are so hard on MM4. Excellent addition to the series. Granted, MM2 and 3 are arguably better, but it still stands out to me. That includes the music.



MickeyV commented on Review: Blaster Master (Virtual Console / NES):

Have to agree with Qwikman on this one. As big an NES fan as I am and absolutely loving the Batman games Sunsoft made for it, Blaster Master to me just comes across as bland. Polished, but bland. Maybe it's because it's lacking the nostalgia factor for me, as I missed out on it back in the day, but so far its sterile graphics, boringly upbeat music and tedious top-down sections and, yeah, bland platforming hasn't struck my fancy. Clearly seems like a game that, while excellent at the time for being a technically accomplished, relatively free-roaming gaming hybrid, hasn't withstood the test of time with flying colours.

Will keep playing it thought.