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United States

Sat 2nd Jan 2010

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Mick commented on Review: Wii Fit Plus (Wii):

Sean, I don't know how big you are (physically) but at 2m and 120kg I am a rather large American. As much as I enjoy the entertaining graphics and inventive software, the Balance Board is a bit small for my liking. What I would like to see (and might even take a crack at myself) is someone coming out with an after-market version of the Wii Fit Plus Balance Board that can be programmed for different size feet (mine are size 50) and stance breadths (mine is about 60cm). I realize that I am a bit larger than the average Japanese, or even the average European, for that matter. However, such a product would benefit smaller-than-average people and average-sized people as well. Consider for a moment that most people using the Wii Fit are members of families with children of various ages. Those various ages bring with them various statures and stances, do they not? It's therefore only sensible that the user interface devices would adjust to match their strides and stances so that all can enjoy a similar experience when using the programmes. Excellent review, by the way. Softwarewise, I find myself in complete agreement with your observations.