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Mon 28th Jan 2013

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Mew15845 commented on South Korea Is Getting Animal Crossing: New Le...:

I can understand why it's taking so long, translating, tons of new characters, skins, music, locations, 3d rendering, ect. I say it will be worth the wait. This means that Japan probably wants to make sure the game is 100% A+ perfect before they send it to us which I like about Nintendo. When the 3ds came out a lot of the games that firs came out felt unfinished and rushed. (For example: The Sims 3 for the 3DS) I think it was supposed to have more features in it but unfortunately the release date for the 3ds came out so they probably couldn't add features such as, the sims having kids and more ways to customize the sims. Which is what a lot of people would from a Sims game.(though I thought the Dead mau5 song on the sims' radio was pretty cool) On the other hand (though I've never played this game) The game kid Icarus uprising took a while to finally get to America and Europe. Judging on how much I hear about it from a kid in my class, it must be pretty good. So be patent with New Leaf, I bet this game will be worth the wait. :3