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Mon 27th Sep 2010

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MetroidFanatic commented on Sakamoto Wants to Know Your Metroid: Other M T...:

Ok Im going to be very detailed here.

Out of all the metroid games I have played this is by far the worst. I appreciate the fact you wanted to take the franchise in a different direction but this wasnt the way to do it.

  • Please dont include this control scheme again. The switch between views could of easily been done with the nunchuck.
  • Samus being emotionally distressed and a complete crybaby goes against the rest of the installments considering shes a bounty hunter and destroyed the space pirates numerous times. Zelda doesnt have any dialogue and it works best that way. I think incorperating voice acting was done well in Metroid Prime 3 but it was good that Samus was still silent it leaves her more mysterious. Please dont have her speak again, dont do what George Lucas did with Darth Vader turn this bad into a little wuss.
  • The story was terrible,Samus leaving the federation cause Adam wouldnt let her save Ian, Adam not authorsing weapons and Samus obeying his every move this especially doesnt makes sense when your'e running through Pyrosphere and your dying but you wont turn on your Varia Suit until Adam says so. The reincarnation of Mother Brain wasnt done well either. Samus clamping up when she sees Ridley as well.

*The music was probably the worst part of this game for me personally. The Metroid series is known for its ambient well known tracks and the only memorable track i even remember in this game was Ridley's theme. Please bring back Kenji Yamamoto the man is an absolute genius he knows how to incorporate the right music in every metroid game hes been involved.Never have an all orchestral score it doesnt fit, it would work with Zelda & Mario but doesnt with Metroid.
The item pickup music needs to be the same as in previous metroids.

*The gameplay was ok could have been better I found myself after playing it once, that I had no interest in picking up the game and playing it again, the linear gameplay is not the way to go. If you look at critics and fans thoughts on metroid games the majority vote Metroid Prime & Super Metroid as the best metroid games. Im in that majority and I believe its because of the superb non-linear gameplay. Although i did like the linear elements in Metroid Fusion & Metroid Prime 3, i think you need to return to the non linear gameplay. Bring back the upgrade system as well rather than recharging your missiles and energy.

Retro Studio's hit the nail on the head with First Person, I know it was Shigeru Miyamoto's idea to do that and he was right. If you do want to make another third person game then do make sure you include the First Person view again but make the controls better.

I will say I thought it was good that you included bosses from previous games such as Nightmare, Queen Metroid and Phantoon and of course Ridley. I also did like Adam and Anthony.

Sorry for the critiscism Mr Sakamoto you are the man! and you did create one of the best nintendo franchises and their is so many things you did right, if you are to incorporate third person it i think it would be best to do an origin story from her beginnings with the chozo to being in the federation but I also know their would be fans that like the mysterious element of Samus. Some setting after Metroid Prime 3 & Metroid II would be good or after Metroid Fusion as well.

I would recommend giving the series back to Retro Studios if they are willing to do another installment.

Thanks for your time Mr Sakamoto and I applaud you, sorry for the negative comments but I know this constructive critiscism will help you make the right decision.