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Thu 7th Jun 2012

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Metalslime commented on Level-5 Has No Plans To Launch The eShop Versi...:

You can buy it on the Republic of Ireland eshop. This is the first time in recent memory we haven't been thrown in with the U.K. which of course I'm happy about but I really can't see the logic of this choice. It's an eshop release. How much can it cost to put it onto one of (I would assume) it's biggest markets, and a digital one at that?

For every future buyer of a 3DS: go buy a US machine before a European one, and anywhere else in europe before U.K. now I guess



Metalslime commented on Pokémon X & Y Nearly Had a Feature To Transla...:

When I read this article's title, my mind went straight to a premium DLC feature that would give every pokemon a proper cry instead of that 8-bit noise they have. Seriously, I would pay for every pokemon's cry to be downloaded onto my 3DS and play in-game. Like, pay money. Gamefreak, are you listening?!?!



Metalslime commented on Nintendo Misses Out on Nikkei 225 as Stock Slu...:

@TobieOBrown Thank you for taking the time to write out such a long response and I did actually read it before you think I just skimmed it looking for things to argue about. I'm far too tired for that

"For two, the takeaway of this story isn't "Nintendo stock drops" - it is, rather, "Nintendo is failing.""

Tbh I think you're going a bit far if that is what you can gather from this tiny article. Personally, I see investor confidence is down and the fall in stock price reflects that. You can attribute it to whatever you want but all it is, at the end of the day is speculation.

If nintendolife want to do an opinion piece on what Nintendo is doing right, the many things they're doing wrong and the things they can do to fix their current situation I would more than happy for it to be on this website. I'm not afraid to criticise Nintendo but I don't think that this slump is necessarily indicative of any real concern that I have for the company, not that I don't have them.

@Biliquid: I like a few nintendo games and I'm pretty sure 50 years from now the likes of mario or pokemon will be around in some form. Whether or not Nintendo as we know it exists in the same way doesn't really matter



Metalslime commented on Nintendo Misses Out on Nikkei 225 as Stock Slu...:

I'm really not sure share price indices and what not should really have a place on this website. Sure, sometimes there are articles that are indicative of actual things of interest going on in Nintendo, Japan and the gaming and technology industries at large but this sort of article...not so much. We're gamers, we're not investors. and vice versa. just pointless IMO



Metalslime commented on Nintendo Download: 12th September (Europe):

Is it so hard to plan ahead so there is at least one 3DS VC release each week? Nintendo are actually idiots, I'm not asking for gba or snes games, I understand that they would eat away at sales of older VC titles and even new eshop releases atm but I just want at least a single game for the systems the VC is currently supporting GAH!!



Metalslime commented on Nintendo Download: 29th August (Europe):

Bit of a slow week for 3DS. I suppose it's for the best though with the Etrian Odyssey, SMT: Soul Hackers and Harvest Moon releases hogging up my free time and my bank balance. Still it would have been nice to have a game worthy of tempting me :



Metalslime commented on Devil Survivor 2 European Pre-Order Threshold ...:

Guys you surely can see it from their perspective. They got the rights to publish DS2 before the 3DS remake was announced, and it's not as if they're trying to give this title to legitimate EU customers at a profit either. You can complain that they sat on the rights to publish for too long, which of course is true, but that's a problem that just got worse over time. As in, it was too late to publish a DS title as it was dying out in favour of the 3DS (which was struggling in sales too remember?) and then the 3DS remake of Devil Survivor was on the horizon leaving them with the poor position of releasing a sequel to a game that is itself a spin-off of a niche series of JRPG that has already been updated for the 3DS. Releasing it now, several months after the PAL release of Devil Survivor: Overclocked is really the best and final time to do so (and seeing that they are only looking to break even, they know this also).

The fact that DS2 Break Code has not been confirmed for release in US markets let alone the PAL region leaves 3 possibilities.

1. It may not be released internationally at all.
2. It could be released only in Japan and the US.
3. It's to be released in all regions.

And at the same time, Ghostlight have the following options

1. Release DS2 in Europe at no loss (THIS IS THEIR BEST OPTION) AKA try to do something.
2. Having wasted any number of resources to complete the title, do nothing and take a loss.

Does anybody have any better suggestions? I don't and so I'm going to support this release because I'm one of those Europeans who haven't imported it/



Metalslime commented on Devil Survivor 2 European Pre-Order Threshold ...:

Getting the bundle. I've been playing Strange Journey like crazy on my regular ds lately. It's a shame we didn't get a European release of that either.

Just imagine if every publisher did this? The PAL region wouldn't be the runt of the rpg gaming world



Metalslime commented on Ghostlight Will Open Pre-Orders For Devil Surv...:

Definitely getting it. Also considering getting the eshop version of DS:Overclocked, always wondered why it wasn't there to begin with :

At the end of the day you can choose to support devs who will put the effort into supporting releases in our region or you can choose not to. Being a european, I know what choice I'm gonna make.



Metalslime commented on Video: Here's That Fully Orchestrated Animal C...:

@Spaciouz Of course, they can do whatever they want, it's a free world. I just don't think people should be frothing at the mouth over this rendition that adds nothing to the original because I'm pretty sure the original was made with the same (but fewer) instruments. Even the tempo remained untouched like.



Metalslime commented on Ghostlight Hatches A New Plot To Bring Devil S...:

Well tbh I think maybe we will get a shot at the 3DS remake if this sells well enough. I'm not gonna play it just in case I can play the updated version later on in my own territory but at least in worst case scenario I'll have a personal collector's edition of it all to myself



Metalslime commented on Ghostlight Hatches A New Plot To Bring Devil S...:

Hang on wasn't this released in the US anyway? So are they doing a multi language release or just giving us the American edition with a European rating? Either way I'm buying it. Gonna show support for publishers who will take a chance to publish in Europe.

If only more publishers would do this. I mean even a limited release is better than no release at all right?



Metalslime commented on Developer Behind Code of Princess Plans To Bri...:

Since they're still supporting the 3DS why not patch fix the abysmal lag in Code of Princess, I payed €30 for a game I find hard to play with the lag and it's stuck on my 3DS for eternity, can't trade it in, can't play it. Waste of time and space, oh and money.



Metalslime commented on Nintendo Download: 4th July (Europe):

So Sega seem to be clearing out all the Gamegear games..Does that mean they're making way for something else? 3D Classics and Megadrive games? Also I hate Nintendo for no SNES games on 3DS :



Metalslime commented on Review: Defenders of Oasis (3DS eShop / Game G...:

The selection of RPGs on the 3DS is abysmal in Europe, due to the region lock we're years behind even the US. Luckily Sega is pumping out these Gamegear classics which makes me a little less angry but Fire Emblem and 2 other cheap port RPGs (SMT:DSO and Tales of the Abyss) do not make a worthy successor to the DS's awesome RPG catalogue. I am dissapoint



Metalslime commented on E3 2012: Nintendo's 3DS Software Showcase Live:

Speaking of Mother 3...

Nah I do wanna see some changes to the 3DS homescreen and maybe SNES games on the virtual console and while we're at it, I hope they let us link our Wii VC games to the 3DS, that'd make my year. And ofc Monster Hunter 3G localised and with added online mode.

Not too much to ask is it?