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I choose what I want to be. I choose how I think I should be. I chose this path. I won't succumb to my dark thoughts weather I like them or not. I’ll force myself to put it in the closet, throw it away to be forgotten for a better life I believe in. Is this what it means to be a Grand Master?

Mon 9th June, 2014

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MetalK9 commented on 'Apprentice Witch and Fluffy Friends' Aims to ...:

I'm interested. I kinda like this, with the art style and the little monsters which are always seen as cute like KH:DDD. It's super cute and adorable. I'm rather scared that I just said that now. :| Better hope it's my fabulous level rising.



MetalK9 commented on Rumour: A Planned 2.5D Metroid Title For 3DS G...:

@vonseux - Honestly, name a bad Metroid game. Prime's, Hunters, Other M and the 2D Platformers are all so right on the ball for a Metroid game. I don't see how this could have went bad. This would have been something to pass the time while Nintendo begin/continue/finish their next Metroid project. And you can't say the first Metroid or Return of Samus cause they're outdated.

@BlatantlyHeroic - Yeeeah.



MetalK9 commented on Rumour: A Planned 2.5D Metroid Title For 3DS G...:

Why didn't the N64 get a Metroid game? Did they hesitate making a 3rd/1st person Metroid game to follow Mario and Zelda?
I would have loved to see how this game would go down with this design. It would be nice to see something new apart from the 8-16 bit and sad teen drooling at 3d modeled Samus, Metroid games.



MetalK9 commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 2 (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:

It's a better step up from Zero 1 and couldn't say it any better myself Mr.Reed. Though, it was rather easy compared to other MMZ's. Elpizo was so cliche with that new guy taking over thing and the Z-Sword still looks like a Katana and not a Triangle Sword like it's supposed to, which somehow bugged me.



MetalK9 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X eShop Page Points to On...:

Is this a good way to go really? Online Co-op I mean. I think it's cool and all, but to have better fun and experience, you need online. Leave that to Sony and Microsoft to make games that depend on internet usage.



MetalK9 commented on ​Sakurai Considered Having All Fighters Unlo...:

I think maybe the idea of having the Original 8 and the Original 8 Smash 64 stages being the only thing you get until you unlock the gazillions of other things in specific other ways except Adventure Modes would give the game a longer play span and more joy and accomplishment for the players and especially for people who wanna play Shiek or Captain Falcon online because it feels much better that they worked for it.
Unlocking was always a thrill in Smash and I'd always try to unlock as much characters as possible in Smash Brawl without doing Subspace.



MetalK9 commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February (Europe):

@Luffymcduck - Only on a harder difficulty then it appears to have a challenge. And it's an OK change of pace when actually gaining something after beating bosses like a new ability for a combo and new Zero colors. I don't remember playing after I completed the game so I can't tell if that thing still popped up afterwards.



MetalK9 commented on Mega Man Zero 2:

Music in this game was improved a little. That theme playing at the very beginning mission fit well. Still, w/out Phantom. The other 3 Masters from Z1 felt less meaningful with one man down. At least this was better than 1.



MetalK9 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Once Again Highlights The Pos...:

When Kotaku shared this topic on Facebook. I couldn't help but get involved and find... REAL JERKS! People replying "Wah Wah. Crybaby" and "What an Emo." It disgusts me that these people actually deserve to play Smash. What these jerks don't know is that Sakurai put's TONS of effort, work, time, money and ideas to make such a great game we appreciate which only comes once a Console Gen. Smash community... seriously.



MetalK9 commented on Ninja Gaiden NES Team Discusses Its Origins an...:

Aha. bit of an interesting game. BS and it makes no sense. But still good.
Still, I don't understand why Ryu starts by running through the city streets randomly killing people and... wolf men.
Even when that Ninja picked up the statue with his feet proving he's more Ninja than Ryu. What the hell! And what in the world makes Tigers and Eagles wanna attack some random Ninja guy? Weather he's wearing a suit made of rabbit fur or those rugby people hypnotized them... I dunno.
Oh and that MAZE OF DARKNESS in the second game... is really, really bright btw. And what does Ryu do in his spare time when he's not randomly slashing and killing everyone and thing. Just doesn't make sense.
And by god that Tornado Slash was op.



MetalK9 commented on Preview: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes the S...:

I have a 2ds so no cramps. Haha.
potatomage7 - First Monster Hunter game and I like it. I feel the progress and understand risks of using a potion to heal which takes timing and placement (That's probably my Dark Souls talking there). As long as I believe I'm doing damage and getting to my goal, I'll get there and will be doing the damage. I beat Gore Magala folks. So that's proof for you. Weaknesses was also what I found. The head is a good place to land most of your blows especially when a special sound effect is played when you connect your hammer to their head.

As for loading screens. Deal with it. It's like Kingdom hearts and many other games like that. And at least the New3DS would be faster loading as well. That makes me jelly.

The camera can be annoying but I've become prone to doing a quick turn in the direction I want the camera to be and tap-L to center before going back to the direction I was going.

I've played 4 hours or something and found the core of the game to be very good. You just have to get at it. Maybe the game just doesn't click for you.



MetalK9 commented on Weirdness: This Interpretation of Super Smash ...:

You'd think the lore would be like what they did with Link in the LoZ.
Same soul. Different hero.
Like, look at Link in smash 4. He's Twilight Link, but got that hint of Skyward Sword in him. Because the smash universe took the soul and put it into a trophy where the character is basically nerfed for the competition in Smash. Like how Shulk would just GOD and break the meta or Samus just Speed Boost through and around everyone while freezing and melting everyone while dropping overpowered bombs everywhere. They're the same soul, but just another copy.