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Love my gamer life.

Male, 17, Australia

Love Fighting, RPG and Fantasy games to the core. This ranges from Marvel Vs. Capcom to Super Smash Brothers, Final Fantasy to Pokemon and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim to... other great Fantasy games.

Mon 9th June, 2014

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MetalK9 commented on E3 2014: Mega Sableye Footage Unveiled For Pok...:

What did it gain? Massive Buff? New ability? I don't think they'd change the ability from Prankster. With being only weak to Fairy. It's a damn good Prankster. A Mega for this mon wasn't really needed in my view. I think it only got aload of buff.



MetalK9 commented on Feature: Our Hopes and Dreams for E3 2014:

I'm looking forward to a new F-Zero, Metroid and Punch-Out! if any. And make Metroid HARDER! It's a rush playing MPrime 2 in Hard difficulty. I want more power suits. I want to lose my powers again and get even better ones in replacement. I want it to be after Fusion in the Metroid timline. F-Zero... would... be... great! The music we can create now and the graphics. OMG it would be heaven. And don't get me started on the special effects and the mutlyplayer online ideas. Would love to see Little Mac again and seeing a good Little Mac model being used in Smash Bros. would be absolutely great, beating up redik bosses in HD.