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Mon 20th Aug 2012

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Meta_Kirby commented on Kirby's 20th Anniversary Special Collection Do...:

@Kirk. You wonder why Kirby has better graphics than NSMB? Because it came out a couple years after that game. Dont forget, even Donkey Kong Country Returns had better graphics than that game. Im sure you realize that over time, games begin to develop better graphics. Games that first came on the 360 didnt even look that great if you compare it to Battlefield 3.

Not wanting to cross platforms here (this is a Nintendo site after all -_-) my main point is this; Games that come out later in a platforms life understandably have better graphics.

Also, Kirbys Return to Dreamland was originally meant for the Gamecube, so the only true additon to Kirbys Genre is Epic Yarn. As such, Mario, DK and Kirby each got one game for the Wii. And as i see it, Donkey Kong (and Samus) is the only one that dosent have a Special Collection.(I dont like Donkey Kong, but still, you gotta have a Collection for most of your mascots, correct?) So, get your facts straight.

And brilliant? No offense Miyamoto, but in the Mario games (at least the sidescrollers and some notable others) you jump on a couple turtles heads, and end up (mostly) defeating the same bad dude once more: Bowser.

In Kirby, you inhale bad guys, absorb their abilities (in some games, gaining more or less moves to use) then end up annihilating the (ever diffrent) bad guy, who now more often comes back in a stronger Soul Form. Now, before you guys claim im a Kirby Zealot, no, im not. I just wanted to get the facts straight. I dont think Kirby will ever take the head of Nintendo. And, as i said before, KRTD was meant to be on the GameCube, not the Wii.

See how many games Mario got on the Wii? Pfft, and you think Kirby got all the love...