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Wed 23rd Jan 2008

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Merlin commented on Blazing Lazers:

The soundtrack for this game is stellar. In more than one way. Great shooter.



Merlin commented on Dragon Spirit:

I played the TG16 version of this game back in the day, and i had some trouble with it. It's a decent enough shooter, but the real issue is that the main player sprite - the dragon - is friggin' huge. It's tough to dodge hails of bullets and multiple enemies, maneuvering all over the place on the screen, with a gigantic dragon.

That makes the game difficult. It's passable as a shooter, and the concept/artwork is pretty nice, but overall it's not as good as many of the other shooters of the console.



Merlin commented on Dungeon Explorer:

Huh. I'm surprised at all the negative comments. I dig the hell outta this game. It's one of the games on my VC that i play often. For those who had difficulty in the beginning: Play a fighter and use your White Magic in tough spots (and against bosses). It helps a lot. Get the speed stones (the first color that comes up...amber?) for the first few levels so that you can survive the Tigerbeast at the end of the fifth dungeon.

I don't see the game as being like gauntlet that much, because the levels are linear and the health isn't constantly depleting. You have to manage your HP pretty closely to do well. In gauntlet, HP management wasn't important if you weren't close to death.

I think the review is pretty solid for this one.