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Fri 3rd Jun 2011

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MelonYoshi commented on Nintendo Refuses to Confirm GameCube Downloads...:

you know some of you are taking this way to serious, which is why people on the internet fail. whether nintendo does gamecube games or not, im still going to buy a WiiU. I don't really give a fig about gamecube games. Unless its double dash. I'm sure nintendo will bring it to the system. If not oh well. im still looking forward to the newer games. You guys need to get your head out of the past and move on. Especially that most of you on these sites are sensetitive over anything a company does. Then you immediately shut them down cause they let you down.



MelonYoshi commented on Uncharted Studio: "Wii U is Full of Holes, Not...:

Why is it that sony cannot keep there mouth shut, im not going to buy the playstation vita if all they are going to do is to talk blueberries. the worst parrt is they didn't even mention games. in this article or which game will overthrow nintendo. they are basicing it on specs.... again.