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I have too many anime girlfriends.

Male, 28, United States

Some guy who plays video games...probably too much, but I don't care, they're fun. I'm not a huge anime fan, but I watch some...also, I love Erica...she's cute, smexy, and has a lot in common with me, so STAY AWAY FROM HER!! x3 (I have too many anime waifus. >_> )

Thu 14th May, 2009

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Megumi commented on Video: Catch Up With Extensive Monster Hunter ...:

Just glad Agnaktor and Nargacuga are back, now hoping for Barioth...also, they better KEEP THE NEW MONSTER INTROS!!! Seriously, don't go back to the boring old ones. T.T

The new intros is one of the things I like in MH4/4U.



Megumi commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand on Miiverse and Its P...:

Only time I use Miiverse is to post scxreenshots...even then I just go to it on PC and save it to my computer to use elsewhere. So, yeah don't really care about it...don't even play on the Miiverse stage in Smash Wii U, lol



Megumi commented on Nintendo Appears to be Partnering With Faceboo...:

...I wouldn't mind making money off of levels I made, $14.95 per level, people. Be ready!
(also, I'm guessing they'll be something like with Facebook, uploading gameplay videos and/or posting screenshots to FB)



Megumi commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America):

Thought about Isaac, but I can't get it anymore, since our family heading for a trip this December, gotta save up for that. (only game I'm getting this year for now is Super Mario Maker.