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Tue 9th October, 2012

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MegaWatts commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and Mons...:

Nice to see MH4U doing decent numbers. It's a cracking title, and just based on the first 25 hours or so I'm willing to say it easily sits in my Top 10 games ever. More people should experience it! Of course, Capcom could certainly do a better job of making it more user-friendly to newer players!



MegaWatts commented on Former Nintendo Indie Champion Discusses the C...:

@ricklongo I think the company culture certainly needs to shift, but like you I worry that that could jeopardise the quality and creativity of Nintendo's output. The issue isn't so much the games with Nintendo though, and not even so much the hardware (though it needs to decide once and for all whether it's getting third-parties on board or just going it alone). It's more the company's lack of awareness when it comes to current trends and speedily implementing strategies relevant to them. For example, it wasn't until 2012 that Nintendo UK had an official Twitter feed (I recall the first being set up specifically for Kid Icarus, with much hesitation), and as a result its brand was virtually invisible in the social media realm. Not to mention that Nintendo's marketing has been catastrophically poor for Wii U (let's show off our "revolutionary" new system with a generic gameplay trailer). The products aren't the problem, it's just how Nintendo goes about advertising them and providing services for them in my opinion.



MegaWatts commented on The Bomber's Notebook Will Be Revamped in The ...:

The Bomber's Notebook was useful, but it certainly had a tendency to be a bit too cryptic at times. I think so long as it now doesn't outright tell you what to do, but perhaps gives a slightly clearer hint then it'll work well. This is Nintendo after all, they'll get it right.



MegaWatts commented on The N64 Almost Got A Multiplayer-Focused Doom ...:

Only two players sounds a tad limited, but if it had been designed with that specifically in mind then it could have been a good alternative to GoldenEye/PD when you had only one other person to play with. Not that the latter games weren't great with two people of course...



MegaWatts commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

A flawed masterpiece of a system. Did so much for console gaming — and gaming in general — even if it did miss the mark in quite a few key ways. The quality of the library is, in my opinion, remains one of, if not the very best to ever grace a system. And as much as it lacked on the third-party front, there were some real gems in there such as Rocket: Robot on Wheels and Body Harvest.



MegaWatts commented on Nintendo 64x64: Turok: Rage Wars:

I'm personally quite surprised by this review! I thought Rage Wars was actually a pretty decent spin-off! While it certainly doesn't match GoldenEye 007 or Perfect Dark's sheer quality, it was certainly a decent alternative.

Enjoyed many a game in my youth where one friend would incessantly run around with nothing but the war hammer, looking to exact a weighty justice!



MegaWatts commented on Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007:

@GrunkFace The graphics are dated but the game is very playable with the N64 controller; most people say it's bad because they're so used to twin sticks nowadays. However, your point about incredibly linear missions is the one I disagree with the most; many of the stages were fairly open environments you had to explore to find the objectives (and work out how to do them). Incredibly linear belongs to something like Call of Duty, which is an A to B experience at best. GoldenEye 007 was more like A to B via C, D and E — especially at higher difficulty levels.



MegaWatts commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

@triforcepower73 The soundtrack is awesome! Lots of variety, the remixes are well done and being able to use the system as a portable music player has certainly come in very handy when writing!

The quality sounds a lot better than what you may have heard in YouTube videos, too. If you want the ultimate experience though, use headphones!



MegaWatts commented on Guide: How To Beat Everyone At Super Smash Bro...:

@Senario The demo units at EGX will likely be set up for 2-minute FFAs with all the items turned on. Given that the guide is intended solely for that event, it's in no way meant to be a hardcore analysis of how to play Smash.

At least you had a good chuckle though.



MegaWatts commented on Nintendo 64x64: Lylat Wars / Star Fox 64:

@Hero-of-WiiU I think it was very special for its time, but today it can be very tough to get back into. Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 really does offer that smooth, cinematic experience that doesn't feel too out of place compared to today's games. Loved the 3DS remake too!



MegaWatts commented on Steel Diver: Sub Wars Gets an Upgrade to Versi...:

Having sunk tens of hours into this game, I honestly can't recommend it enough. It takes some getting used to at first, especially if you're used to conventional FPS games, but this really is a deep and tactical experience. There's a heavy emphasis on choosing the right sub and crew members to suit your play style and, more importantly, on teamwork. The Premium Version really is a good deal, given that they've consistently upgraded it at no extra cost.



MegaWatts commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@Yorumi I think you raise a fair point, and what I was trying to get across here is that the highest level of Melee is to an extent quite exclusive, but you wouldn't know it unless you played with those types of players. In this new version, online play is a more crucial element and, therefore, there's more opportunity for people to potentially come across these high-end players. Nevertheless — and as you astutely note — the game can certainly be enjoyed by many due to its overall simplicity.



MegaWatts commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Innovative E3 Approa...:

I think the biggest success of the Smash Bros. Invitational was that it gave us viewers a very natural overview of the game that wasn't determined as it usually is by pre-approved footage and stylised shots.

Not to mention that the Grand Final was a spectacularly close match featuring highly skilled players who had already worked out some key elements of the gameplay mechanics. A refreshing insight, even if we probably all knew what the game was going to be like.



MegaWatts commented on E3 2014: Hands On With Nintendo's New Online S...:

Superb write-up, @zipmon — especially after what must have been an exhausting day on the showfloor. I'm arguably more amazed by your talents than I am the game, which is saying something when you consider that Splatoon is my game of the show.

Lovely to learn more about it and really hope Nintendo nails the additional features to make this one people will want to keep coming back to.