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They think I got a Mega Evolution, but in reality, this whole time I was just primal beedrill and Mega Beedrill was really my base form. Wait until you see me truely mega...

Mon 11th Nov 2013

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MegaBeedrill commented on ​Chandelure Will Be the Next Pokkén Tournam...:

@Dave24 magikarp was just revealed today as a support pokemon with pachirisu.

Chandelure is an odd one, I may get the game just to main it, but idk. I like usual characters and chandelure is one of my favorite ghost (if aegislash or doublade makes it in here I'm definitely sold)



MegaBeedrill commented on Pokémon Now Has an Official Tumblr Page, For ...:

Pokemon really wants to copyright their franchise hard huh? Just not long ago they sued a guy (tried), and now it looks like they're going to try and take over gif making from everybody?

I really wonder what made them make the tumblr.



MegaBeedrill commented on Video: See the Differences Between Star Fox Ze...:

Why did I scroll down to see the comments? I was expecting nothing but bait over the graphics, and so, I was correct...

Lmao, the game looks fine. The dumbest argument I EVER heard about what makes a game good or bad is the graphics.. are people that adapted to CoD that every game has to atleast share CoD's textures to be appealing? Nah. Minecraft shouldn't have sold a single copy, and undertale would have a 0/100 metacritic score instead of 93/100 even though the game only been out two months.

Plus this is nintendo.. we're lashing out at nintendo of all companies about graphics. If a new CoD game came out with poor graphics, I could see that, but since when has nintendo been the company responsible for cool looks and textures?

People need to accept nintendo isn't a serious company like microsoft and sony when it comes to their mature audiences with games. IMO, this game looks great as is, especially an improvement from previous starfox titles, while not beeing too dark toned and surrounded by death.




MegaBeedrill commented on More North American Women Own A Games Console ...:

Boyfriend: "Honey look what I got!, AN XBOX ONE!"

Girl: "I WANT A WII U"

Boyfriend: "but..t.. hal-"

Girl: "MARIO KART NOW!!!!"

Boyfriend: "But I spent all my money on-"


Boyfriend; goes to gamestop and gets laughed at by his CoD friends



MegaBeedrill commented on Pokémon Hoopa Distribution Confirmed for McDo...:

Wait... so bonnie now carries around zygarde core for the rest of the animation (which turns into 10%) and team flare has control over zygarde 50%?

This is actually pretty epic where this is going.. I'm more excited about the fact that one of the cast members will actually keep a legendary they find.



MegaBeedrill commented on Talking Point: As Rumours Come and Go the Desp...:

inb4 they have a direct and everybody hates it like during E3.

I've loved to see a direct personally.

The question is what would they show if they had one? In a way... we kinda did leak a ton of eshop games (TP HD), games have already been announced last direct, which not too many people were happy about (federation force, animal crossing), so progress discussion on those might not be too exciting, and SFZ isn't particular news if they talk about that.

The only things they can really talk about that will wow an adiuence is news about the NX, Zelda U, Pikmin 4, or some new games. Smash ballot would be pretty exciting, but it's just DLC..



MegaBeedrill commented on Video: This Pokkén Tournament Commercial Shou...:

@khaosklub I agree insulting the OP with the jackass statement wasn't civil, some people draw the line of defending, and turning their good intentions into hypocritical responses.

The problem with Kirk isn't his point of view, it's how he handled it. He could've said that if the OP wanted to get into the Pokemon franchise, he could try out a different game first then this one. Instead he bashed the OP for choosing this game, and used uncivil, actually inappropiate and against the forum rules phrases like censored words and WTF. His point of view could've been stated nicer. THATS why everybody is upset.

On the topic of other m, I know several people on and outside NL including myself who loved other m. Just the character development is bad imo.



MegaBeedrill commented on Video: This Pokkén Tournament Commercial Shou...:


You missed something.

There's a difference between critism, and being a total jerk. You're entitled to voice an opinion, however kirk was bearly speaking an opinion, but rather insulting the OP telling him what he should do and bashing a game that hasn't been released yet. We can go further on the topic of the bias for the game, but the total uncivil description of the OP's opinion is enough validation to not even take his opinion serious enough. Its easy to say "dude, you should try the other games out as well" instead of "your going to buy this trash instead of the other games.WTF"

The OP can play and enjoy whatever he wants but according to Kirk, he's wasting his life on a game nobody knows about yet. Yes, Kirk is entitled say whatever the hell he wants, and guess what? We're entitled to stick up for the guy who was attacked and we're entitled to "form a mob" about it.

Don't ever hypocritically claim I'm misinterpreting anything.

Btw, what's the difference between hyrule warriors being based off of an made by the same developers of dynasty warriors.. And pokken being based off of and made by the same developers as tekken? I find the comparison to be relatively parrel and similar rather then off by any means.

Capcom is a pretty well respected company that may dumb the game down a bit for children playability, I doubt they're going to screw everything up and produce a terrible game (not that I'm a capcom fan myself)



MegaBeedrill commented on Video: This Pokkén Tournament Commercial Shou...:


He's entitled to play whatever franchise he wants, and whatever title of that franchise he desires. It's not sad nor pathetic that he's only getting the fighting genre of an RPG series (Halo Wars got me into halo, a strategy spinoff that everybody hates introduced me into the FPS series, and yet it's still my favorite of the entire franchise.).

I'll agree I'm not particularly interested in pokken, but called it a crappy title prior to it's release is too far of a stretch, I play skullgirls and smash bros and I can say that pokken is so far the least appealing of the two IMO, however I'm not saying "don't buy this game" because IMO it looks mediocre. (It's most likely aimed for younger kids who find button mashing fighting games too difficult, the fighting genre is very anti-new gamers tbh.)



MegaBeedrill commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight P...:

I don't get why people hated on TP's graphics that much. For the era TP came out (consider it was built on the gamecube before ported to the more powerful wii) it's graphics were pretty good. It was more dark atmospheric due to realistic shadows, but I'd hardly say the game looked muddy in anyway.

Floor texture seemed a bit stretched out though.



MegaBeedrill commented on Slender: The Arrival Will be Creeping Out Wii ...:

Slender is a very outdated game. It's popular for youtubers playing it, but that doesn't mean that many people actually played it.

It was fun to watch reactions and read creepypastas of it, but not to actually play, it was quite repetitive actually.



MegaBeedrill commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

"These starters are often among the more ignored compared to others when used competitively, but they are still great designs."

I wouldn't say that. Feraligatr is borderline broken in the tier which all the gen 4 starters live in (UU, containing empoleon, infernape, and NU tier torterra), typhlosion is a pretty devastating threat, the only reason this isn't a major thing is due to other mons like chandelure (UU), heatran (OU), and RU already has a nuke that has no switch ins (exploud).

Meganium on the other hand is pretty bad, I guess you can say this is the worse competitive starter, atleast torterra has a niche in taking electric attacks and setting rocks. However I wouldn't say that all the starters are unviable or overshined, as only meganium is the mostly unusable one. Typhlosion is just forgotten about because it was banned from the tier it took lives in (NU) and is very comparable to exploud.



MegaBeedrill commented on The Pokémon Company Sues Fan for Copyright In...:

Whats ironic is this guy just made over $100 profit from the donations over this lawsuit. He's already past the donation goal, which is he now offical free from the lawsuit, and he's still earning for his own personal use.

He kinda turned this around to his advantage. Meanwhile the PK company is just waiting for the $4000 that they'll probably never notice in their already billion dollar bank account.

Also I think I should remind people this is the pokemon company sueing this guy, not nintendo. They're two different things.



MegaBeedrill commented on The Pokémon Green Blob, New Legendary Zygard...:

I just don't understand why they came up with the weird gimmicky names of the forms..


I would say "one of things is not like the other!" but almost all of them have 0 relation bar the percents (which really, why 10 and 50? Why not 25 and 75? or atleast 25 and 50?).

The %s just throw the whole thing off.. and then we have what the actual transformations are:

A grub
Another grub
A dog
A snake
A Giant..

So a grub/bunch of grubs become a k-9 with legs, then the k-9 loses it's legs and becomes a snake with a different head, then the snake grows back it's legs, and gets arms? Ok, I can see the relationship between Perfect and 50%, 50% looks like it has incomplete deoxys arms, the tail is there, the frills could become "wings" and the head can undergo some kind of change like giratina's.. the legs kind ruin what I liked zygarde for, a serpent, but no biggy. The dog is what seems out of place as there is 0 characteristic traits between core and 50% or even perfect except texture and color that represent zygarde.

But this image is too adorable for me to hate on it, so it's fine in my book.



MegaBeedrill commented on The Pokémon Green Blob, New Legendary Zygard...:

I see a lot of comments regarding how broken zygarde will be (not just here, everywhere)

I don't think Zygarde Perfect will be completely broken or even close to mega salaquaza. The third legend's forms often just get a small switcheroo in stats, a new move, or an ability change. Giratina Origin kept the same BST, and simply became the more offensive version of it's more defensive counter part, Giratina Altered. Kyurem combined with Zekrom and Reshiram to make two pokemon, and thus gained a small stat increase and new moves, with one of the form even considered underwhelming enough to be in common fan based metagames. This might be the case here... with Zygarde 50% being the more defensive counter part (why was it cursed with aura break.. that's as bad as a mega with magician), Zygarde Perfect being the more offensive counter part, Zygarde 10% being the speedier counter part, and cell/core just existing like carbink.



MegaBeedrill commented on Flowers Will Apparently Factor In The Future O...:

@BlatantlyHeroic Zygarde has never been introduced with any background information yet outside the pokedex.

I'll give you yveltal is a cocoon though, but a lot of people interperate yveltal as a flower blooming when it wakes from it's cocoon. (Similar to the pattern on AZ's floetta, and how the ultimate weapon is in the shape of a flower.) Although I have seen more offical claims pointing as a cocoon.



MegaBeedrill commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire 'Starte...:

@Mr_Action It would be an interesting concept, I don't know how well it would work though.. since players can basically abuse cloning with this method. It could work kinda like how battle revolution could save player cards on the wii remote, but with battle boxes, which are locked and fixed as they are so players can't adjust them.



MegaBeedrill commented on Potential Massacre Averted At Pokémon World C...:

What has this world come to...

Glad they got arrested, even if there wasn't going to be a shooting, it still should be a lesson to everybody not to joke about terrorism online.. People said this "facebook group" they were in contained a bunch of macho guys who acted all cool.. they probably made the post trying to look bad### and got considered a threat.

But in the end, they illegally processed guns without a license. Two criminals were caught.



MegaBeedrill commented on Poll: Is Pokkén Tournament The Wii U Release...:

I don't think the game is going to be defining enough to boost sales of the wii u, or become extremely popular among st the pokemon games. The wii u has a fighting game, which is smash, but an actual more serious fighting game may become either too hard for younger audiences to play at all, or be too easy for serious players to get into.

I really can't see myself getting this game.



MegaBeedrill commented on 'Green Blob' Pokémon Set for Key Role in Meg...:

Offical translation of the ME special 4 plot:

Alain's journey in pursuit of becoming the strongest once again takes him to the Kalos region. Wanting to become even stronger, he bets his Mega Ring and Mega Stone on being able to defeat 10 Mega Evolution users in a row. Alain throws him into battle. Mairin is worried sick about Alain. And Mairin's partner, Hari-san the Chespin, meets a mysterious being. It all leads up to something seriously major... We've finally reached the final act of the story! Don't miss the shocking climax!!



MegaBeedrill commented on 'Green Blob' Pokémon Set for Key Role in Meg...:


"And just like his father, latios died to save the city" - Lorenzo
They're not immortal gods, the only one which is believed to be immortal, is Xerneas.. the other ones, dialga, palkia, arceus, giratina, and celebi were thought to be deities and immortal, but the fact giratina almost literally died, celebi DID die until others time traveled and revived it, and arceus almost died twice, it's hard to believe they're immortal beings..

Even luigi has offspring occasionally in the anime, proving that they die off and get replaced.



MegaBeedrill commented on 'Green Blob' Pokémon Set for Key Role in Meg...:

@Haljalikakick64 Groudon and Kyogre don't have megas.. and Hoopa is an entirely new pokemon with a new form like shaymin-sky. Mega Evolution has only been focused on with diancie for the most part, but really there wasn't much to diancie anyway other than being a carbink with a genetic make up.

Speaking of diancie, I think that's what these blobs are.. like carbinks, while zygarde is actually the ruler of all these blobs.. perhaps when a zygarde perishes, one of the blobs that has the genetic make up or some kind of special trait to it (like mega ray's dragon ascent) takes over it's rule and becomes a zygarde.



MegaBeedrill commented on PewDiePie Fans May Recognise "Coolest Puzzle G...:


Since my mother is an author, books are infact written by only one indivigual. When an Author publishes a book, they look over it for content suitability.. but the Author is the only one who can write the content, since a written story is one's imagination.. if it's made by multiple people, then it goes off track from what the author's intentions were. (see shakespeare.)

If pewds is writing a book himself, good for him. Nothing wrong with that, his reputation on youtube for cheating the system will still be an ever lasting scar though.



MegaBeedrill commented on PewDiePie Fans May Recognise "Coolest Puzzle G...:

Really? Pewdiepie? All this guy does is make a skeptical of himself for free fan money shipped to his door.. it's disgusting how he cheats the youtube system and people actually like his content and praise him for doing so. Markiplier and similar youtubers don't do what they do for money, they have an occasional partnership, and raise money for charity, but pewd gets anything he wants for free right to his door.. some youtubers actually work and edit for a hobby, pewds just clicks upload and receives a ton of gifts..

He doesn't play games to advertise them and show them off for others to try out, he just does it for views. Yeah, I guess gifts are gift, it's the fan's fault for supporting the guy, it's not like he ask for them, but the fact everybody has his address just shows how praise craving he is that he needs fan mail everyday.. Pewds was probably paid to try this game out.

What I can't get over, is how many people talk about him, yet he's somehow still up there as youtube's #1 gaming channel.. you'd think people would stop clicking. I used to watch him, but stopped after awhile.

Aside from that, I don't know what this actual game is.. I simply didn't watch the video knowing what I'd be in for (somebody tell me if I'm correct... yelling, swearing, and cruel humor?) so I can only judge by the description written in the article, it seems interesting.