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United Kingdom

Thu 25th Aug 2011

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MechaTurles commented on AlphaBounce:

I have to say my favourite feature of AlphaBounce is the main menu music. Possibly the most epic music I've ever heard, and from a game as well, it should have been in a blockbuster film soundtrack!



MechaTurles commented on Review: AiRace (DSiWare):

I still really enjoy this title, the frantic open-air action really gives this game more depth than other racers. Traditional racing games like Need For Speed, Ridge Racer, even the legendary MarioKart series, all feature vehicles glued to the tarmac most of the time, reaching for the sky briefly after traversing a ramp, and plummeting back to earth.

Airace also has the shortest tutorial I've ever seen, since the controls go as far as steering, accelerating and using weapons. However, this easy-to-use control scheme provides a thouroughly enjoyable playing experience.

Many a race has begun with the occasional bit of push and shove, causing planes to veer out of control wildly and blow up all around you (if you aren't a victim!) Some the items are original too, besides the obvious missile, sheild, and speed boosts. There is a variety of different ways to cause your enemies to plummet to their doom, missles now do an array of malicious things to enemy planes, causing them to slow down, reverse their control scheme mid-flight, or simply (my favourite) cut their engines completely!

My favourite part of this game is that despite the numerous objectives and races you have to do to unlock things in-game, there is very little stress. Normally, racing games would have some people crushing controllers with bare hands if certain objectives seemed impossible. Airace's best element (in my opinion) is the crashes. Yep, the crashes. Because instead of ranting and raging at pixels, you're laughing and almost always cringing at the spectacular plane wrecks like if your craft has it's entire left wing snapped off, goes into a crazy barrel roll, and lands with a satisfying crunch.

An all-round fantastic game in my opinion, definately worth getting whether it's 800 or 500 points.



MechaTurles commented on Review: GO Series: Fishing Resort (DSiWare):

Fishing is a fairly scarce element in gaming. But when a game does include fishing (Ocarina of Time and Animal Crossing, etc.) then another layer of depth is added to the experience, since catching fish results in improving other factors in the game. In this instance primarily, obtaining well-earned credits for your struggles, to spend on items to assist you with other non-fishing endeavours in-game.

However, when it comes to the GO Series Fishing Resort, since you are just paying for the extracted fishing element from certain other titles, it's fairly well priced, good for those moments of hopeless boredom, and something that practically all ages will be able to play.