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Tue 19th Mar 2013

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McDaniel-77 commented on Wii U Version Of Deus Ex Will Be The "Ultimate...:

It's a port, so it has to be cheap as hell - 19,95 bucks would be the way to go. They would sell at least triple as much as with an 49,95 price point.
I'm not going to support mediocre ports or paying full price for old games.



McDaniel-77 commented on Project CARS Will "Look And Feel Amazing" On W...:

@Obvious78: No! PS4 is built by an AMD CPU with integrated GPU. The fastest you can is AMD A10 5800K Black Edition with AMD Radeon HD 7660D integrated GPU, which offers 384 Shader Units, 24 TMUs and 8 ROPs. The PS4 seems to be a 2x 5800K, that means, you can have twice the Performance when it's works just 100% perfectly. It can run CoD MW3 with 46 fps average in 1080p no FSAA no AF.