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Mon 8th Mar 2010

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Maya commented on Review: Sleep Clock: Record and Analyse Your S...:

Yeah, the "sleep expert advice". This Is what the official description said, and this is why I got it. Disappointing. I wish I had read this review before wasting 200 points on this thing.

The only good thing about it, is the ability to use the recorded sounds as alarm. That's it. Not even worth wasting battery power to keep the DSi on sleep mode the whole night.



Maya commented on myNotebook Carbon, Tan, and Pearl Trailer Rele...:

The new features are neat (I love that you can export your notes to the DSi Album), but I find 128 pages just useless... I have MyNotebook Blue and I love it (I use it everyday), but I never filled more than 5 or 6 pages. The reason is it's time consuming (and boring!) going from the first to the last one page at a time!

I hope there's a more convenient and fast way to go trough the pages in this new version (bookmarks, maybe?)

EDIT: Oh, and I second the wish for a touch keyboard