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Thu 6th October, 2011

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MattEriks commented on Zelda Oracle Titles To Have an Initial Discoun...:

i still have my second playthrough all the rings code from back-in-the-day. I was been a lill bit of sad sinch i missed both of em so much after i sold them. day 1 buy/download for me.

May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce.



MattEriks commented on Review: Cave Story (3DS eShop):


so i can touch the display anywhere to go to inv? The retail versions touch area was way to limited

so you cant use start and/or select to acces inventory or map? If not does start slelect do anything?



MattEriks commented on Review: Cave Story (3DS eShop):

@Jon Wahlgren

I have a question. If you play easy does Quote have a jellow Chicken suit? and in normal his standard red cap? and in hard a blue cap and kinda tanned face? Also are the holiday costumes (halloween and x-mas costumes) there?



MattEriks commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

so i have tought about this now.... And the small screen mode the 3ds has for ds games, so how big do you think the 3ds xl small screen mode for ds games is? Can it be bigger then full screen on 3ds?



MattEriks commented on 3D Solitaire:

i can't believe that this game is being realesed in a couple of hours and still no more info then a name.



MattEriks commented on New Castlevania Title Confirmed for 3DS:

i hope they make a metroidvania that is more like metroid with only item upgrades. Not the super boring lv grinding that sotn started. Ok i admit that i liked the gba and ds castlevanias... The first playthrought that is, the second run i got very frustrated over the grindin, an i tought this is why metroid fusion is better



MattEriks commented on Enclave Finally Steps Out of the Shadows on 22...:

@James Newton

''Still, there's not much in the way of single-player action RPGs coming to Wii these days''

if you hade said this 2 years ago i would have agreed. But these days the only good ''new'' wii games are Pandoras Tower and The Last story. And Xenoblade is not so old



MattEriks commented on 3DS Celebrates First Birthday in Europe:

i got my 3ds 1st day. My original plans was to buy it later when oot 3d got out. That plans changed when sent me a coupon code for 600 sek (around 58 £) and i only got 10 days to use it, then my mind was made.

Since then i got
oot 3d, cave story 3d, MK 7, RE Revelations, and now iam thinlking of getting KI uprising