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Wed 7th Oct 2009

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Masticore commented on Sonic Playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2?:

If Nintendo is allowing Sonic in a mariogame they are starting to go nuts, it's an extremely bad idea that I think Nintendo fans will quit staying loyal to their favourite consolemaker. Being innovative is one thing and is good when developers pushes their franschises into new challenging gaming ideas but an idea like this will destroy the mariogames completely.



Masticore commented on Speak Up, Monster Hunters:

This seems to be a must buy. Will probably become a powergaming game, i will PG it together with my girlfriend, cant wait =)
Any swedish ppl who wanna team up to create a guild or something from the release day?



Masticore commented on Miyamoto Unsure if Super Mario Galaxy 2 Will I...:

No! People won't become skilled power-gamers as long as there are stupid helping guides showing everything. It's an experience just to find out things on your own and what also makes the fun of a game. If we are gonna get harder games, people have to get more skilled first so there is a market for the games



Masticore commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2:

It's probably gonna be a good game, but I wont waste my money for another Galaxy game when I already got the first one. Why not just play through the 1st Galaxy one more time in a couple of years when u cant remember anything? And instead spending the money for a new nice title. It's a cheap way from nintendo to try to earn more money on an already developed gaming idea, they could have instead developed something totally new in the mario series instead of just making a sequel with pretty much just new stages to go through.