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Wed 4th November, 2009

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MasterGraveheart commented on Impending Japanese Launch Of Super Smash Bros....:

Here's my feeling on the matter:

I'm kinda underwhelmed with who was left to reveal. Some of these returners I feel like were inevitable. The characters who hadn't been "officially" revealed yet, the Duck Hunt Dog, Bowser Jr., and Dark Pit, are kind of "meh" additions, though I am impressed how they varied up the Duck Hunt Dog and I appreciate that Bowser Jr. isn't /just/ Bowser Jr. The Kooplings are better anyway.

And, yes, I'm disappointed that Mewtwo isn't back and ESPECIALLY disappointed that Ganondorf didn't get revamped like he should have.

As for who I wish would have made the cut, I'd have loved to have seen Dixie Kong, Krystal (Adventures-style), The Elite Beat Agents, and either Bayonetta or Wonder Red (from Platinum) join the roster. These feel like real misses to me.



MasterGraveheart commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Let's see, Ubisoft. You released AC3 on a major delay (unavoidable due to the launch of the Wii U, but you still could have thrown in some bonuses), then you launch AC4 /without/ the option for the bonus editions, making the other versions much more appealing. If AC doesn't sell on Nintendo, it's your own fault.



MasterGraveheart commented on Ubisoft Clarifies Reasoning For The Crew Skipp...:

Not doing yourself any favors in my book, Ubisoft. I'm just waiting for you to say Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn't coming to Wii U so I can be done with you completely.

And I'm still putting imaginary money on them cancelling Watch_Dogs for Wii U before the year is up.



MasterGraveheart commented on The Console Wars Live On As Night Trap Remake ...:

Um,yeah, hey, Night Trap manchildren? Did you stop to think the people behind Nintendo /then/ may not be the people behind Nintendo /now/? And it's been twenty years. You're acting like huffy kindergartners. Night Trap was a game that came in during a time when video games were just beginning to be taken seriously as a medium and you guys got caught up in some of the inevitable controversy. Of course Nintendo went against you, they were the ones who wanted to keep things simple. That was their vision, and you had a different one. That's fine! I can understand being mad at certain people within Nintendo, such as Howard Lincoln, but he's not there anymore and, honestly, most of the people there weren't there back then, at least not in the capacity they probably are now.

And that's a shame. No Nintendo release, no Night Trap for me. This game doesn't really inspire me any more or less to want to pick up one of the other two systems. Ah well. Save my money for Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero!



MasterGraveheart commented on New Fighter for Super Smash Bros. to be Reveal...:

It would have to be someone /huge/. Third party, almost assuredly. While I'd love to see it be someone like Professor Layton, Simon Belmont, or Chrom, I think this character /could/ be someone who has appeared on Sony or Microsoft platforms. I'm /very/ interested, to say the least!



MasterGraveheart commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

Okay, let me clarify something for all of you once more.

Yes, Sony and Microsoft /do/ in fact pay third parties to favor them over Nintendo, but also over each other. Why do you think Sony and Microsoft each have "exclusive launch content" to offer? Unlike Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft's platforms cannot and will not self-sustain on first-party releases. Halo only made sure that the original X-Box wasn't a dismal failure. PlayStation only survived because third parties migrated over after being angry with Nintendo. These are not opinions, these are facts.

To date, Nintendo is the only console maker whose first party releases can not only self-sustain, but drive a company. They're the Disney of the video games industry. To carry that analogy further, Sony is the, well, Sony, of the games industry while Microsoft is the... oh... let's call them Universal. Some shady business practices to go along with some good and bad stuff.

Some Nintendo fans do need to get a grip. Sony and Microsoft aren't teaming up to gang up on Nintendo. They are, however, both going after Nintendo as they go after each other, especially Sony, who has huge gaming capital from the PS2 and Sony's other entertainment divisions, which they've scaled back on to focus more on games and movies. They have surplus capital too, but rather than save it, they use it to try and double down on their investments.

As for third parties, I think there's another reason for this delay, and again, it's Nintendo's own fault. How? By being too good at their own game. Third parties can't compete on a Nintendo platform against their first party offerings. Oh, they'll have their fans, maybe even technically be better in some regards, but the Nintendo mascot juggernaut really is unstoppable on their home field. Why? Because the people who bought the Nintendo system specifically are buying it specifically for what Nintendo has to offer. This is the nature of Nintendo nowadays.

Sony and Microsoft system owners, on the other hand, generally buy it for services and performance. Maybe there's a franchise or two they want to keep at, say, Halo or whatever Naughty Dog is doing, but they'll buy it just for that performance upgrade, like it were just their next car or computer, which is what game systems are rapidly becoming, dumbed down computers.

As for me? Being someone who doesn't like having multiple consoles, long story there, I made a choice a long time ago. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Kid Icarus, Punch-Out, F-Zero, Star Fox, & Pokémon, or Halo, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Little Big Planet, Spyro, ModNation Racers, Crash Bandicoot, Destiny, Kameo, Banjo-Kazooie, and probably that Beyond Good & Evil sequel? I've always had the most fun with Nintnedo systems and that's where I pledge my allegiance. I couldn't imagine gaming without Nintendo, so I'm sticking with them to the bitter end for either one of us.

And, honestly? I think companies are dreading the day Nintendo goes multi-platform or third-party. Why? Because they'll reach their biggest audience they ever have, their characters will effectively become immortal, and virtually every game they ever made will become another little gold mine waiting to happen for them. Will it happen? Yes, I think it will. And in our lifetimes. But only because I think everyone will go multi-platform for the universal gaming medium in whatever form it takes.

...and, hey, if there's something I /really/ want that isn't on a Nintendo platform, I can always look for it on Steam. ;)