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Wed 4th November, 2009

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MasterGraveheart commented on Weirdness: The Bizarre Truth of Bowser Jr.'s M...:

Of course! This explains why the Koopalings aren't considered Bowser's kids. Peach didn't want them and resumed her single life! When Bowser married Miyamoto, Shiggy wanted Bowser to have nothing to do with Peach when they had Bowser Jr. together, including the Koopalings! And it also explains why Bowser's still after Peach. He's not after /her/ anymore, he's after her money to pay for eight kids and Shiggy's lavish lifestyle! It explains everything!!




MasterGraveheart commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Challenge With Super...:

I do believe that if Nintendo releases future Super Mario 2D games, they'll need to include mechanics that aren't available in the maker to a significant degree. It may be time to borrow from some competitors in that case.

...Also, I still wish Super Mario Bros. 2/USA was included in Mario Maker. ^^;



MasterGraveheart commented on Rumour: Fresh Sources Suggest Shovel Knight Is...:

Shovel Knight would be very cool. I /really/ hope that Shantae (my #1 pick!) is joining him, along with a couple of Nintendo characters like Dixie Kong and Krystal. And maybe, /maybe/, we can get Simon Belmont too? Those five would be a dream com true result for me.



MasterGraveheart commented on Mojang is Still Open to Bringing Minecraft to ...:

I wouldn't hold my breath about this. Nice if it was, but I'm not counting on it. Nintendo won't want to do business with Microsoft on this level. I suspect it's why we won't see blu-ray players on future consoles since Sony has such a high-investment in it.



MasterGraveheart commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Who is this guy and why should we care? But if the NX isn't comparable in power with the PS4 or XBO, why bother? The reason for a new system is to attract third parties and to be competitive. Yeah, do your own thing, but make people want to buy YOUR console instead of others. That's business and that's competition.

This guy sounds like he's trying to start stuff for the sake of starting it with Nintendo fans.



MasterGraveheart commented on Exciting Hints of amiibo Restocks Can Be Found...:

@MrMikey Funny story? I was told weeks in advance that my Best Buy would put theirs out on the 29th of May with all of the other ones. So I woke up early, went out 2 1/2 hours before the store opened, was first in line, and kept waiting only to be told they didn't have them in. Then I learn they put them out the following day and they were sold out! >.<;; I even wrote the company and was just given the usual PR spiel (written by "Lady," apparently).

On the bright side, I did get the (now apparently common) Silver Mario Amiibo.