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Re: Soapbox: Breath Of The Wild Is Amazing, But Is It The 3D Zelda That Enthusiasts Expected?


If you have preconceptions going into a game that is odiously a total new concept in a series. I don't actually know where a mindset like that is going. Accept it for what it is.
Personally I thought BOTW was ok. I'm not a Zelda fanatic. I like Zelda games. Some more than others. All Zelda games suffer from a negative emotion and BOTW suffered from it too. They can be tedious and boring.
RPGs in general are boring.
I didn't like some of the enemies either. They look like they were dropped in straight out of Windwaker.
To summarize; overlong head wreak. Good but over rated.

Re: The Inevitable SNES Classic Mini Hack Is Now Complete


I've no idea tbh. If you look at a free rom running on an emu and compare it with with VC or SNES mini. The lines are much thicker an clearer around the animations on the VC and SNES mini.

I looked at the Street fighter 2 turbo manual download that came with the SNES mini and if refers to the 20mb of data used to store the game. I must check the Rom size for that game later.

If something is shrunk it's going to effect quality. I honestly believe Nintendo are using the full data package compared to a shrunken Rom.

Re: The Inevitable SNES Classic Mini Hack Is Well Underway


I'm not thinking anything. I shouldn't have said you had an air of entitlement. Tbh I couldn't care less. 😊 The SNES mini is overpriced for what it is.

Nintendo know how to milk their products and software. I'll say one thing. Some of the games on the NES mini are pretty lame whereas on the SNES the quality if much superior. That's going to effect price. Sometimes price is determined by how much an individual is willing to pay for a product.

Re: The Inevitable SNES Classic Mini Hack Is Well Underway


If you don't want to take the extra controller into account, you can. Nintendo have taken into account. It's a SNES controller. SNES controller's compatible with Wii were going for £50. You think they're worth nothing?

I disagree with everything you're saying.

Are songs from the 80s & 90s worthless? Don't think so. You sound like you have an air of entitlement about you and everything from the past should be free. Or dirt cheap.

Re: Digital Foundry Does a Deep Dive on the Super NES Classic / SNES Mini Emulation


I did my own comparison on Yoshi's island. It looks a lot cleaner and plays smoother on the SNES mini compared to my hacked Wii which I have connected with an official Nintendo RGB cable.

It could be to do with the tiny ROMs used in the hacked Wii. The rewind feature is very good. I'm finding myself using it a lot in my quest for perfect scores in Yoshi's island.

Re: Review: FIFA 18 (Switch)


I see Polygon gave it a 9. The same idiots that couldn't play Starfox zero. Go figure.
I wouldn't go near FIFA with a barge pole. I'm more of a PES man myself.

Re: Deals: Got Your SNES Classic Mini? Then Check Out These Essential Accessories


Mine hasn't arrived yet. Has to go to parcel motel in NI then to me in the south.
On the email I received from Nintendo UK telling me it was despatched there was an error on the mailing address. They left out my parcel motel ID number in the email.

I contacted them and they don't know if it's on the package or not.

I'm not worried I'll still get it. There are procedures in place at parcel motel for these kinds of issues. What it can do is delay it by a further day. Anyway it hasn't even arrived at PM yet so we don't know.

Re: Nintendo Has Announced the End of the Wii Shop Channel


That's sad news. Although I'd say business was probably very slow. I was only thinking about it the other day that I'm sorry I moved my games to the Wii u. While I still have them there was something really cool about having a Wii packed with VC games.

I have 4 brand new unopened Wii's. I might go scalping on eBay before Christmas and then I might not. Might just
keep them 😉

Re: Digital Foundry Explores the Framerate and a Resolution Boost in Super Mario Odyssey


Maybe it's because I don't have a Switch but! I don't know what to make of this game. It just looks like Mario is going across a barren landscape with no challenge to a checkpoint flag. The landscape is very sparse, probably to keep the game at 60fps and keeping memory down.

The comment about it feeling like Galaxy 3 is not what I wanted to hear either. I was hoping more for a Sunshine 2.

Re: Reggie on How Nintendo Handles Announcements and Responds to Fan Input


There is no point trying to reason with the internet Reg. Some of the clients on these pages are so far gone that they think they should be running Nintendo and they'd do a better job than Miyamoto.

Any dealing with gamers on any level on the web, whether it be reviewing games, selling games or consoles online. You're opening yourself up to trouble. They think if they demand something they should get it; probably something they developed as spotty faced kids. They're an emotional bunch that believe they have a clue. Most haven't fully grown up yet, many never will.

Re: Nintendo Takes Down Super Mario 64 Online Videos And Creator's Patreon


Has somebody got a right, without permission to alter say somebody's elses music? No is the answer. There's a thing called copyright to protect the owner of the work. Music, video games all fall under this protection.
If this guy is as good as he thinks, why doesn't he create his own IP? He's a programmer. Programmer's don't design games at Nintendo. Artists design games at Nintendo. Programmer's do the donkey work.
That was one of the key difference between Nintendo and other companies in the early days.