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Mon 13th May 2013

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Mars_AltGr commented on Klei Entertainment Would Like To Bring Don't S...:

its a rly good game. i can say that since iam playin the atari times back in the 80s in other words: played a lot of games. i have started it from time to time the last days but iam missing something. its multplayer... would buy it if it came on 3ds with multiplayer.



Mars_AltGr commented on Konami: We Had To Take Risks With Castlevania ...:

I dont have any interest in the next megaman series. MegaMan should stay there where he belongs... the past. Same with Castlevania. If the series doesnt play like the older ones (i mean the RPG style of cardridge - Ecclesia i luv ya) i wont gain a copy, thats for sure. This is why i didnt buy a copy of the last Castlevania because its not the RPG like gameplay i miss and which this series its known for (Thank you Capcom for this step forward in Videogames). Well iam justa Metroidvania maniac.