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Re: VC games wish came true.


@DizzyBoy Btw: this is a great topic!

-SMB 1,2,3 NES
are must haves

-Super C NES
is amazing (Don't miss Conta Rebirth WiiWare)

-Final Fight SNES
which I still can't beat keeps me coming back

-Double Dragon NES
is such a classic, looking forward to announced DD2 on VC

-Zelda NES
(This may stir protest) Cannot get into, doesn't hold me like it did when I was a kid

-F-Zero SNES
Still an awesome racer that holds up today, ecspecially multiplayer

-Final Fantasy I, II, III NES/SNES
The games that started RPGs for me! So amazing. I wouldn't be play Dragon Age today, if I didn't play Final Fantasy 20 years ago

-Zelda SNES
just starting playing for first time, impressed so far

-Actraiser SNES
The game that first made me buy a SNES back in the day (and SM World) but still having trouble getting into it

-Punch Out NES
Beat when I was a kid, beat it fairly easily now - Punch Out Wii is actually really cool too

-SimCity SNES
So amazing. This and SimCity 3000 are the best "Simcities" out there. High hopes for new Simcity PC this fall

-R-Type 3 SNES
Best side scrolling shooter ever (I know this will be disputed)

-MegaMan X SNES
Best MegaMan out there

-Street Fighter 2 Turbo SNES
Downloaded for nostalga purposes but its a bit tired and there a better VC fighters now

-Ogre Battle 64 N64
I never liked the N64 system but this game is super high caliber and depth for a cartridge game. Blocky graphics do show their age

-Golden Axe Sega Genesis
Just a pure guilty pleasure

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