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Sun 27th Feb 2011

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Marios-love-child commented on Miyamoto: Mario Will Likely Return To Single-P...:

I'd like a proper sequal to Mario 64 and I dont just mean a Mario 64 HD remake if you're listening Nintendo haha.

I'd like true 3d exploration in the Mushroom Kingdom with a real hub world like the Princess Castle. Or even better another trip to Dinosaur Land ala SMW would be nice but with a true 3d Hub world

Dont get me wrong I loved Mario Galaxy but I dont feel we need a 3rd installment.



Marios-love-child commented on Miyamoto: GamePad's Touch Screen Primarily Use...:


Thats ok dont worry, sometimes when things are down in text form it can often be taken out of context

I guess I was was just hoping for a little more from the next 3D Mario game and thats why I'm personally a little dissapointed. Mario is supost to be Nintendo's Flagship game, the game that shows all the others how its done and leads the way in inovation... While i'm sure Mario 3D World will be a great game I guess i was hoping for something Revolutionary like Galaxy was for the Wii rather than a Glorified sequal to a 3DS game.

Although having since read this article it has slightly restored a little faith



Marios-love-child commented on Miyamoto: GamePad's Touch Screen Primarily Use...:


You dont need to preach to the converted... I'm as big a Nintendo fan as anyone and I'll always buy the consoles and games as long as they're still making them. But......... E3 was their big chance to show everyone why they should buy a Wii U and show us all the exciting games and things they have planned for the Gamepad...... and quite frankly they have shown us nothing that couldnt have been done on the Wii (albeit with prettier graphics)



Marios-love-child commented on Miyamoto: GamePad's Touch Screen Primarily Use...:

To me this doesnt send out a good message...... It seems that even Nintendo dont really know what to do with the Gamepad

I was really looking forward to the new 3D Mario game hoping that Nintendo would really showcase the features of the gamepad in lots of inovetive ways, from what i've seen of Super Mario 3D World it could of just as easily been released on Wii with normal controls same for Mario Kart 8.

I'll still buy the games i've mentioned and no doubt get lots of enjoyment from them but I was really hoping for more so that I could of justified the purchase of my Wii U in the first place.



Marios-love-child commented on EA: We're Not Writing Off Wii U:

If they release Fifa 14 and Tiger Woods 14 on the Wii U I for one would certainly buy them.

The only reason I didnt buy Fifa 13 was because I already have Fifa 12 for my PS3 and as we all know its the same game. If they wernt so lazy and gave us the proper game I (and i'm sure plenty of others) would have bought it.



Marios-love-child commented on Amazon UK Lists Wii Mini For £79.99:

I really feel Nintendo should be focusing on the Wii U rather than releasing this.

The vast Majority of people in the UK still dont know the Wii U exists so releasing this is only going to confuse the uneducated even more

Edit: Although it does look rather nice as a collectors item



Marios-love-child commented on Wii U Price Cut Isn't in Nintendo's Plans:

I do believe it was too expensive to begin with (especially here in the UK)

But i believe the main problem is advertising it, even now alot of people I speak to dont even know what a Wii U is

Also the fact that the Likes of Asda & Tescos dont even have a Wii U section



Marios-love-child commented on New Super Mario Bros. U Director Explains Why ...:


Of course it's not too much to ask (if you're asking me on a personal level). My point was that they never change the storyline of the Mario games, its always the same old Bowser kidnaps Peach, Marios must rescue her - rinse and repeat

to be fair the storyline isn't something that bothers me, I buy them for the gameplay not the storyline but I know a lot of people are growing tired or the same thing each and every time



Marios-love-child commented on Wii U UK Launch Event Set for HMV in London:


Yes I take your point but still all in all it would be too much effort for what it's worth. 😊

Why do these things always have to be in London anyway? We have 2 massive HMV stores in Liverpool and also one in St. Helens which only down the road, if only they would do something similar



Marios-love-child commented on Wii U UK Launch Event Set for HMV in London:


If you take into account taxi fares to and from the station, the fact that I'd have to lose a days pay from work and probably have to pay for some kind of over night accommodation in London, overall it would work out cheaper to just buy the games I want 😄



Marios-love-child commented on You'll Need To Update Your Wii U To Play Wii G...:


Thats a fair point, I guess i'm just judging it by the Standards in the UK, Broadband Internet is pretty much available everywhere here at very reasonable prices and most companys offer unlimited broadband so you can download away to your hearts content at no extra charge.

I do stand by my first point though that the reason people will be buying the Wii U is to play Wii U games. Everyone has had 6 years to play Wii games so it shouldnt be a big deal



Marios-love-child commented on You'll Need To Update Your Wii U To Play Wii G...:


I suppose you would need some form of entertainment yes

I didnt mean it to come across as sounding hash, I just simply ment that all Modern Consoles now require a decent internet connection to get full use of the features and benifits that they offer.

Pretty standard stuff in this day & age

Without internet access there isnt much point in having one IMO

Also if you can afford to buy a Wii U surely you can afford decent internet access



Marios-love-child commented on Sony: Wii U is Targeting "Niche Early Adopter ...:

If Sony were to release a super slim model that was backward compatible with PS2 games then I might just be interested but as it stands I dont seeo the point of it, a normal PS3 isnt that expensive now so may as well just get one of them.

(For the record I already own a PS3, I was just trying to put myself in the shoes of someone who doesnt)



Marios-love-child commented on Future Publishing Shutters Nintendo Gamer Maga...:


I've been a subscriber since 2006 when the Wii was announced, I actually still have every copy since then stacked in my bedroom wardrobe.

I've always prefered N-Gamer (Nintendo Gamer now) to the Official Nintendo Mag as the reviews seem to be alot less bias and more reliable.

If a game is a load of rubish they will say so.

I must admit that by the time a Magazine comes out with News & information I probably already know about it via Nintendo Life but I still enjoy flicking through it every month.

Have they said when the last issue will be??



Marios-love-child commented on Feature: In Defence of Super Mario Sunshine:

I've never been a fan, although to be fair I can say the same for the GameCube in general. It was released around a time in my life when I (temporally) lost interest in video games. I would have been 20 at the time and was more interested in going out with friends etc, also I already had a PS2 which was enough for me at the time.

I have since then owed a GameCube and sunshine and as much as I tried (about 75 shines if memory serves me correctly) I just couldn't take to it.

Far too many of the levels I would consider as overly frustrating, ie once you had completed them it was more a sense of relief that it was done rather than enjoyment and maybe wanting to play through it again. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a challenging game but overall this game was too frustrating.

It wasnt a BAD game but It's the one Mario game that I've actually traded in and got rid of and that's so far the only time I'll do that, the rest will stay in my collection for life.

As a side note I'd be willing to bet that most people who claim this to be their favourite Mario title are probably those who's first console was a GameCube and it was probably the first Mario game they thoroughly played and therefore nostalgia will play a big part in the way they think. I'm not suggesting this applies to everyone but for a lot of people this will be the case.