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Wed 8th January, 2014

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Mariominer commented on Nintendo of America Announces Upcoming eShop '...:

I personally don't download full games. Think they take up way too much space. But maybe I'd consider getting a Wii U download game, as I have the black one with amazing memory (My family has a thing for amazing memory... We also got the Xbox 360 with more storage [I'd have to say... 20 gb? Compared to 4 gb.])



Mariominer commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Version...:

Pokemon wants to learn the move update. However it already knows 450920 (That's not a real number, give up on trying to prove me false >:D) lines of code. Would you like to replace some lines of code?

Man, The eShop is under maitinence. Can't update OR T0T.



Mariominer commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Offers the Best of Bot...:

I'm looking forward to the release-the original wasn't new when I got it, as it's about as old as I am, but when I played it I found it to be one of the best pokemon games I've ever played. This will be enhanced, as it would seem weird to release a new pokemon game with 2003 graphics, but it still hits close to the original. I hope that the game looks crystal as well as the old ones did ;)



Mariominer commented on Region-Locking May Be a Thing of the Past Soon...:

I personally wouldn't care-although having a Japanese version of SM64DS would be cool... I still wouldn't import games unless I spoke the language of the region it came from, in which case I'd still have to buy from Europe or US because I only speak English. The reason is because I'd only buy games that wouldn't come out here, but I'm assuming that if it goes to EU it would go to US so that's why I don't care.



Mariominer commented on Review: Power Rangers Super Megaforce (3DS):

@LunaticPandora I agree... I see it every now and then and it looks way outdated-the villains and 'megazords' look like toys filmed up close then cropped onto the scene. I'd expect at least the special effects would look better, but no. Probably low budget, though games like these probably produce that budget.



Mariominer commented on Review: Power Rangers Super Megaforce (3DS):

Not surprised-I once got a Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince game just to find that it had lacking features-sure you could do spells, but not unless the place you're in told you to do a spell with a little symbol. The game wasn't too good, but it still seems better than this...



Mariominer commented on Carbon Fire Studio Launching Frenchy Bird On W...:

Really? Why would they have 2 CLONES of a game that the trend is pretty much over. I doubt either of these games will get much attention. I've played flappy bird-one of the million of free copies. It's so simple. If any more of these "Mooching Titles" are created, I'm sure they will get a lot of hate from places like Miiverse. So let's hope that no more clones are created. I'm just hoping by now that no one tries to make a Clash of Clans clone on Wii U, because that would be a little sad..



Mariominer commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (North America):

Everyone realize this: When you get the FREE Smash Demo, there are 30 uses for it. There will be only be 15 days (including tomorrow) To play it before it comes out. That means you can open it 2 times a day. That's more than enough in my opinion. If it locks you out after one game, you can still have 2 plays a day, so that's an OK amount. Basically if you want to play it, there's always tomorrow. Just remember this bit of wisdom...



Mariominer commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

Here's an idea: By now it's close enough that if you want to play it very badly all you need to do is this:
Step 1 wait until 9:00 AM tomorrow
Step 2 Download it
Step 3 Open it and don't close it. Just keep your 3DS on until you really don't care, but you have 30 uses so...
Step 4 Wait until it comes out
Step 5 Get Gamefly be amazing!
Step 6 ignore Step 5
Step 7 ANNNNND stop talking



Mariominer commented on Pokémon Bank Goes Live in North America:

Now I can transfer my legit rare pokemon, like darkrai, Zekrom (not rare, but level 100.), and Tornadus. Again, not rare, but impossible to get on Y itself! But somehow, I apparently have a pokemon that is non legit or something, because it wouldn't let me transfer it :( . Also, It tricked me the first time. It asked me "Would you like to transfer this box?" which I thought meant "would you like to transfer some pokemon from this box?". So I transferred all the pokemon in box 1.