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Wed 8th Jan 2014

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Mariominer commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

I hated when I had one of these myself. It was seemingly impossible. These levels annoy me. They were cool at first, but I want to look at the popular levels and not have to see "Don't Touch Anything"s come up first. I want to actually play, you know?



Mariominer commented on Nintendo is Now 126 Years Old:

Nintendo existed in the 19th century... I knew this but after I read this I just have to say, as in the french "happy birthday" song,
Happy New Year, Grandma!



Mariominer commented on This Is The Last Real Console Cycle, Proclaims...:

While smartphone games could eventually have a larger market share, it's not quite at that point yet. Dedicated consoles have many benefits: For one they are much more powerful. Another is that they have buttons (I love buttons), which make gaming so much easier. I'll finish this up with saying that they also are specifically designed for gaming. Though being a wide sentence, smartphones are designed to be a smartphone. They are not designed for beautiful graphics with an amazing frame rate. That would beat up the poor thing, especially without a proper fan. They are not designed with buttons (again, love buttons) for more accurate, easy-to-hold playing. Unless you get a smart-device designed for playing games (in which case you've basically just bought a handheld), it's just not as good. Convenience is pretty much the only thing going for it.



Mariominer commented on Capcom's North American eShop Sale Has Some Te...:

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for THAT price?!?

Very tempting... wish I wasn't trying to not spend more money (spent a lot of money this summer, 30$ on a gameboy advance, 10$ on a controller, 60$ on Splatoon, and 20$ on pokemon blue).

Oh well, I guess I'll hunt plesioths some other time...



Mariominer commented on Hands On: Here's What The 3DS Version Of ​Te...:

Looking forward to it. My first Terraria experience was on iOS, as it was the cheapest one. I kind of liked it, but it got more tedious as you progressed. The controls look nice, the touch screen controls will probably be what I use. Might get both versions, probably not at the same time, and not for certain.



Mariominer commented on Battleminer:

@mas sorry for late response, lost my account details my friend code is 1547-5315-3818. Tell me when you add it, I'll add yours now.



Mariominer commented on Review: Titanic Mystery (3DS eShop):

Well, find the object games often lack being unique or having much individuality. I'm not surprised that the objects stand out, if you use a background that looks nice but your objects don't look as nice, that's what happens.



Mariominer commented on Review: Tilelicious: Delicious Tiles (Wii U eS...:

Hmm, I wouldn't have gone with the level layout, but I like how it uses pictures rather than numbers. Though the hints on the side disappearing is odd, seems like an unfinished feature rather than something meant to be there in my opinion.



Mariominer commented on SmileBASIC:

I think that this will be great and I'm very excited for it's release this year. This will allow me to make some sweet 3D games on my portable 3DS. Already very sweet having the DSIware one.



Mariominer commented on Nintendo Announces Fresh Release Details on a ...:

Wow... When I look at this list it makes me realize that I should probably look out for games on the eShop too, because most of these impress me. I normally only look forward to retail games, but this makes me change my view of the eShop.



Mariominer commented on Nintendo Announces Fresh Release Details on a ...:

@mystman12 I know, right? When will SmileBASIC come? I've been holding back so I don't regret not waiting until it comes out, but at this rate I keep checking to see if it's out whenever I suspect the eShop having an update. I'm not sure who or if there is a protagonist on swords and soldier 2, but I may want it from what I can tell it is like.



Mariominer commented on Poll: Are You An Early Adopter With The New Ni...:

I ordered mine on because everybody was sold out (should've pre-ordered it.) Oh well, it still says it will come by Thursday, so I hope that they do have them online because that would be good. So, for now I think that I'll try to just get my hands on a Toon Link amiibo while I wait.