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Thu 11th Mar 2010

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marioman commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies ...:

well as somebody who recently just bought game numero 50 on their steam account [castle crashers, woot woot... steam sales will be the death of me] i dont think it would be ethically correct to complain abbout games being "download only", but people are correct in complaining about the eshops lack of a shared account system, i play and share my 3ds/ds games with my little brother so having a physical copy is easy and convenient for the two of us. Honestly i think the main reason why i haven't beaten fire emblem awakening is because my bro got it as a download only and its pretty inconvenient to swap 3ds' whenever I want to play.



marioman commented on Wario Land 4:

Played this game on 3DS it's almost exactly like "Shake It" but with more special "damage" forms



marioman commented on Mario vs. Donkey Kong:

Yay , so glad that it's on the ambassador program , I love this game on the gba. I played it on my cousins gba before I had any Nintendo handhelds or consoles, happy to have it as my own



marioman commented on Review: Ninjatown (DS):

I mean really who doesn't like those cute little ninjas.
( If you don't think those ninjas are awsome tell me for I will give you at least ten reasons why you should like them)